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Everyone gathers on the mat for hugs. "Mike, I missed you," Kisha says. Justin interviews that they took care of their unfinished business, making the most of their second chance. He also says that they're proud of the top three. "All in all it was a really tough season but a really rewarding one and I think everybody should be proud of themselves." So after some shots of the teams applauding whatever, Kisha says she's glad to have done the race with Jen for a second time. "Wining this race shows that she's not my little sister, she's a competitor, and to run this race with her was like a great experience." Jen gets all goofy-gropey on Kisha's face, like she does whenever Kisha says something sweet. Back on the giant mat, Cord takes off his hat and gives it a celebratory throw. I just wish it would have taken out one of the cameras.

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