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An Amazing Red Line slashes dramatically southwest across the Atlantic, and the next thing we see is, natch, a sweeping aerial shot of the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer (and not for the last time, either) with His outstretched arms overlooking the city as though he's saying, "Mallory, I'm right here, whatever you need." There's some more typical footage of skyscrapers and beaches and a plane touching down, and then the re-racers rushing through the terminal in search of first an exit, then a taxi. The sisters and Team Asperger's seem to find and hire their cabs at about the same time, but Kisha and Jen are underway first, if only by a few car lengths. "It's a nice little 85 degrees, "Jen complains, as if she's still wearing her Swiss winter gear, while behind them, Justin reiterates that their main concern today is not being last. I understand that with four victorious legs under their belts, aiming for a fifth might seem greedy, but then if you come in first, not-last will take care of itself. The Globetrotters are just now taking off in a cab, with Gary and Mallory bringing up the rear. But they soon pass the Globetrotters on the road. "He's driving like grandpa," Flight Time says of their driver. Let's hope he also has the hearing of grandpa.

Cut to the tram station, where the two lead teams arrive almost at the same time, and get in line to buy tickets on the tram. Gary and Mallory arrive just as they're learning that the next tram leaves in five minutes. Lucky, that. The Globetrotters are still just trying to get there as the other teams board the tram and sit down, to avoid even a second's delay in departure when the time comes. The Globetrotters' driver is telling them to "Be calm," because he apparently wants to sit at the intersection and admire the pretty green light in front of him. Even the teams in the lead are stressing out, sitting on the tram with two minutes to departure. Finally the Globetrotters show up and see the tram -- just as its bell dings and it goes into motion. Everyone on it cheers, while the Globetrotters arrive seconds late at the platform and ask the attendant to stop the tram. They're told they have to wait for the next one -- in thirty minutes. They freak out, and as the tram stops, as if it's going to go back for them, the other teams freak out as well. So everybody's freaking out! It's unanimous! It's the perfect time for a commercial break!

But after the ads, it's soon apparent that the tram isn't coming back. "There's only one way and it's up," Jen says. Sure enough, it trundles up a high trestle bridge up to another neighborhood, while Big Easy tries to be philosophical at the station and Flight Time stomps off somewhere (okay, probably just to pee).

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