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Climb, Paddle, Swim

Danza reads the clue and heads for Pai Plong Beach.

The Esquire boat finally kicks in, and they take off with a mighty cheer. It sounds a lot like "Hyaaah, mule," from their famous encounter with Ernie the Elephant. (Who, by the way, is very hurt that he was trounced in the "favorite animal guest star" poll by Shecky the Comedy Camel.) Danza and Esquire (now re-shirted) head for the beach. The boys arrive first, and run up the sand to the mat. Welcome, Team Esquire, you are team #1. And good for them, holding their lead. They look really, really happy.

And here comes Danza, right behind them. They jump on the mat. Welcome, Team Danza, you are team #2. "We had a wonderful day!" yells Excitable Cute Frank as he high-fives his wife. He literally jumps for joy, yelling, "I love this! What a day!" He shares a good, solid high-five with Rob and Brennan, as does Margarita. Back at the dolphin interview from early in the episode, Brennan explains that Esquire and Danza know they've got a big lead on Kevin and Drew as well as Bill and Joe, so they need to hang in and not screw up, and they should be okay.

In other news, my favorite imaginary storyline -- The Secret Love of Margarita and Rob -- gets a big shout-out as they share a big hug. It's really, really interesting -- back at the EDG bust-up, I would have said it was very unlikely that these teams would ever be friendly again, but if I had to put money on it, I'd say a couple of things have happened. First, these two teams have noticed themselves being probably the two teams in the race that have performed the most consistently, especially lately. There seems to be some respect that's grown out of that. Second, they have a common enemy, if you know what I mean, and I think you do. Third, they're both competitive as hell, and they can muster respect for anybody else who's competitive as hell.

Margarita voices over that the race has offered opportunities for her to push herself to do things she wouldn't otherwise do, and I'm all for that. "I climbed a mountain," she tells Esquire as she raises her arms in triumph on the way to frolic in the waves. Meanwhile, Brennan looks at his watch. "Joe and Bill leave right now," he says with a hearty laugh. Rob laughs back. They call out to Frank and Margarita. Brennan: "Hey, guys! Bert and Ernie are just leaving the last pit stop!" (Rob refers to them as "Siegfried and Roy," but the idea is the same.) And there is much rejoicing. Hee.

I have to say, I really, really enjoyed this whole ending sequence with these two teams. They're both incredibly tough, but they're not jerks, and they're deservedly jubilant. And I liked that.

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