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To The Physical and Mental Limit

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Climb, Paddle, Swim

The Frats are still struggling in the kayak. Drew points out that between the two of them, they weigh over four hundred pounds, so Kevin has quite a task with the paddling.

At the climb, Bill runs into trouble. "I don't think I can do this," Bill says plainly. "I thought there was going to be more assistance." Excuse me? "Assistance"? Like people to wait on you? What is he talking about? You climb the rock, dude; it's not a faked-up stunt. Joe doesn't quite want to give up. He gently says, "Honey, would you try and let me go first?" Awwwwwwww. "Honey." Hee. I'm telling you, if they'd given me more Relationshippy Guidos, I think I would have liked them a lot more. Bill is willing to let Joe try, but really thinks he doesn't have the physical strength to do it. In an interview, over footage of himself clambering past Bill, Joe says their strength is that they're so "complementary" because they know each other's strengths and weaknesses, and frankly, as much as I can't stand these guys most of the time, I'll give them this point without question. Joe manages to get up the rocks; he then turns and gets Bill up there, too. He explains that "seeing your partner actually do something and achieve something that you know is very difficult for him...just makes your heart burst." Well -- awww, sort of, but on the other hand, eeew. Bursting hearts? POW! Kinda hard on the aorta. Nevertheless, this is undoubtedly the Guido highlight of the entire race so far. Not being ahead is very, very good for them. They high-five and read the S/L/T clue.

Frat kayak. Bicker, bicker, bicker. Kevin: "I'm gonna hit you in the back of the head with this paddle." Drew: "Why can't you keep the kayak straight?" Kevin: "Because you're fat, and it's a lot to steer." Drew pronounces them "capsized" when he means "run aground." Mental fatigue continues to rear its ugly head as they try to get going in the right direction.

The Guidos work on getting back down the mountain. Bill points out that he's afraid of heights. Awww, Guido vulnerability.

Frats make it to the cave, while the Guidos rappel down into the boat. As soon as Kevin and Drew read the Chicken Island clue, the theme of Making Exactly The Joke I Would Make returns as they start clucking. Of course they do. Clucking is the only thing to do when you read a clue that says "Chicken Island." The only thing as good would have been the chicken dance, which I also love. In fact, in retrospect, I'm unhappy with all the other teams who failed to cluck. Drew and Kevin kayak back in the direction of S/L/T.

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