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As a matter of fact, on the topic of timing, this should make for an interesting situation, because here's the way I see it. If the editing wasn't completely misleading, Esquire and Danza got to the pit stop somewhere around 6:30 at night on Day One. Their twelve hours at the pit stop lets them leave at 6:30 in the morning on Day Two. Meanwhile, the Guidos and the Frats carried out most of this task during the morning of Day Two -- when Esquire and Danza are presumably already out doing the next leg. ["That was my impression, too." -- Wing Chun] Without any significant breakdowns, it seemed to take about six to eight hours to do the tasks for this leg (Esquire and Danza started late morning, finished at dinnertime), so I'm doubting that the Frats and Guidos -- both of whom seemed to struggle with the tasks a little bit more than the boys and Frank and Margarita -- can possibly be landing at this pit stop before 2:00 in the afternoon or so. Their twelve hours will get them out of this pit stop somewhere in the middle of the night between Day Two and Day Three, at best, and they may very well have to wait until the morning of Day Three to do whatever Esquire and Danza did at the beginning of the leg on the morning of Day Two. See what I mean? The timing doesn't lend itself to these teams catching up. The timing lends itself more to this lead stretching out to a full day.

However, listen to Joe and Drew being interviewed as the episode closes. They both say basically the same thing -- all they have to worry about is making it to the final three. Put that together with Esquire's absolute lack of interest in the relative position of itself and Danza, and I'll give you a guess (first suggested by Miss Alli's Mom): the final three are re-bunched and start from scratch for the last two episodes, with no existing leads maintained. That would be a very reasonable hedge on the producers' part against the possibility that somebody would come up with a large lead, and it would also go along with one of the main themes of this show, which has been that Bill and Joe cannot be prevented from winning, no matter what, because they have -- say it with me -- the Luck of the Evil. Unless you get a fresh start at the front end of the last leg, Bill and Joe are going to have a hard time winning, and since I've got them pegged as the winners, I think this must be the way it goes.

Executive producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week: the boys are still dirty, and still trying to stay ahead. They miss a flight. Judging by previous previews, the presence of the flight-missing here means that it won't matter a whit. According to Phil, "Relationship problems resurface between Frank and Margarita." Again, this probably means there will be no relationship problems of note. Also according to Phil, the Frats and Guidos race to avoid elimination, which probably means that something entirely unhinted-at happens, and either Danza or Esquire bites it. I mean, really -- the last preview said, "Rob and Brennan lose ground." Did you feel that Rob and Brennan lost ground in this episode in any way that mattered even remotely? These previews are total crap, in case you haven't already noticed, and I'm sure you have. You're smart.

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