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Climb, Paddle, Swim

10:12 AM. Esquire, currently in first place, kneels on the mat to get the clue for today's leg. Rob has an extremely unfortunate hair situation going on, with two dweeby little spit-curl-looking things hanging down his forehead like horns. The spit curls want to be like Superman, but they're not getting the job done. Ick. Esquire opens the clue, which tells them to "check in with the King" at Raile Beach. Demonstrating a weirdly synchronized-swimming-ish level of perfect unison, they pop up onto their sock-wearing feet and head out. Phil explains that "the King" is a company called King Climbers, and that the teams will have to take a taxi and a boat to get there. (Ah, here are the drunken careening cameramen.) As Esquire leaves the temple, Rob voices over that this is a "management leg" for them, and that their intent is to "avoid a major mishap." Cut to the actual footage of this interview and...eek. Rob's all shirtless and slick and wet like a dolphin, and -- oh, for God's sake, he's got the damn sunglasses perched up there on his head again. I do not get the glasses-perching. What are you, Rob, a soccer mom? Eeew. Anyway, he says he doesn't care if they "bleed a little time" on this leg, as long as they stay out in the lead pack. He says they need to "be careful with [their] decisions and really think things out." No kidding. I would have started with the hair and the glasses, but that's just me.

Rob and Brennan get into a "taxi" that's really more of a modified motorcycle with a canopy and an attached passenger compartment. Not a particularly powerful vehicle, considering that it looks like it would have its hands full in a fistfight with a twelve-year-old girl's Hello Kitty bicycle. Once they get going, Brennan goes, "Yee-ha," which is really stupid, but made me laugh. No, I don't know why, either. Back in the Flipper interview, in which he is now joined by Brennan (complete with the accursed visor), Rob explains that the race is getting really tough now, and that they're "getting down to it," and that it's just the "horse teams" that are left. "The horse teams"? Is that what he said? I'm totally confused. I think it means that the best and most hardworking teams are the ones left now, and I think that's probably right. But I don't know what the heck horses have to do with anything. Maybe he means workhorses. Or show ponies. Or maybe he meant to say "bears." I give up. He explains that sometimes he feels "beat" and "demoralized." Quite a tragic tale from Mister First-Place, isn't it? Take a moment to weep. B-O-O H-O-O.

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