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Climb, Paddle, Swim

Danza, Raile Beach. They get the same scoop Esquire just got. Boat, car, Ao Luk.

Esquire, Ao Nang. This is the aforementioned out-of-the-boat, into-a-car switchpoint on the way to Ao Luk. The boys are now very dirty. I think that's all that's been missing from this show up until now, actually -- not enough dirt. While they sit and wait for their cab, Brennan tapes up Rob's injured knuckle. Rob voices over that "injuries are part of any competition," and that he's just going to "suck it up." In other words, neither rain, nor snow, nor his injured knuckle is going to keep him from his appointed rounds. (Somewhere, Miss LizzieKath's busted rib says, "Word.") He finishes the taping himself when Brennan has to go run for the cab. "I don't want a stupid finger to lose a taxi," Rob says. Strangely enough, after some of the really weird vehicles they've been in lately, this "cab" looks like a maroon Ford Taurus or something. (Please don't write and tell me it's not literally a Ford Taurus. I am not saying it's a Ford Taurus. I'm saying it's a non-specific smallish family sedan, and I don't know anything about cars.) Once they get going in the cab, Dirty Dirty Esquire has trouble finding out exactly what this S/L/T thing is. They stop and ask a couple of times, with Brennan appearing to do most of the work because of Rob's debilitating injury.

Meanwhile, a seriously pumped Team Danza gets into their cab at Ao Nang. They share some lovey-dovey slapstick humor as she gets hamstrung and knocked down by the weight of her pack. "Nice!" yells Funny Flirty Frank. "C'mon, c'mon, niiiiice!"

Esquire, still looking for the flag. Rob gets out of the cab this time, and as he's asking directions, he actually sees the flag (or so it appears). "Bren, there's a flag behind the tree," Rob says exasperatedly. He pulls the clue and rips it open, sticking the little pull-strip in his mouth. (You betcha, Esquire. No littering. Eat what you kill, baby.) It's a Roadblock, of course. The clue says that "upper-body strength is the key to success." So, of course, like the rest of America, I'm thinking Stompers. In fact, I'm sort of cheering. Stom-Pers! Stom-Pers! Next thing we know, though, Brennan's taking this Roadblock. "Hey, what about the Stompers?" I complain out loud. "Well, they don't know what it is yet, and he has a broken finger," Miss Alli's Mom patiently explains. "Oh," I say. "Okay, then."

Phil tells us that the Roadblock this week is to paddle a kayak carrying self, partner, and luggage to a cave, where they'll find the next clue, as well as some masks and snorkels. As Rob reads the Roadblock out loud, he first stumbles over, and then gives up on, the name of the place they're going. (Heh, that was cute.) As they pile into the kayak, Rob says, "Where do you want me?" Oh, don't tease me, you smarmy little pretty-boy. "Nothing like paddling through rivers in the middle of Thailand," Brennan says once they get going. Rob busts out a new white bandage-like do-rag in honor of his flesh wound.

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