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Climb, Paddle, Swim

Danza, speeding towards Ao Luk.

Esquire locates the cave. They go inside and clamber over to where the clues are. Spotting the stuff, Brennan says, "Time to snorkel." Well, considering the brightly-colored and highly silly-looking gear that's sitting there, it's either time to snorkel or it's time to have some really, really funny pictures taken. Pondering the prospects of snorkeling, Brennan goes on to say, "Well, we're already wet." Indeed. What we have here are some seriously Wet Dirty Boys. The next clue instructs them to take their kayak back (anyone can paddle), and then head back to Ao Nang to "dive for" more information at Chicken Island.

Incidentally, they do show us Chicken Island, and it looks a lot like a chicken.

3:03 PM. Oh, hey, remember Kevin and Drew? Well, here they are, back at the temple, sitting on the mat to receive the "check in with the King" clue that starts the leg. They see that the King is open until 5:30, and are encouraged. "We can get there," they agree. They get a cab. "Elvis, Elvis is going to be at Raile Beach," Kevin says. Hee! They reason that they'll stay ahead of the Guidos for sure, because the Guidos aren't leaving until 6:30, so they won't be able to do the King till tomorrow.

Elsewhere, Danza reads the kayaking clue. As soon as Margarita reads the "upper-body strength" part, they exchange an amused glance, because the only arms on this show that look anything like the Stompers are Frank's, so we're not in too much suspense over who's doing what. In the kayak, Margarita waves to someone, and then they bicker over his sense that she's creating "unnecessary movement." Oh, c'mon, Frank.

Frat cab. Drew points out that "the King" might not be a person, and Kevin indeed has a book that suggests that "the King" is a rock. They discuss rock-climbing. Drew says, "I'm really not too keen on rock-climbing." Kevin says, "Yeah, well..." and then runs out of words. I mean, what are you gonna say? They've gotta climb, and they're going to like it about as much as they think they're going to.

Esquire, with Rob now paddling. You gotta play hurt, Rob. "At least you got to go downstream," he points out.

When Drew and Kevin get to the Raile Beach boat place, Drew talks to the Boat Renter Guy about what the other teams have been doing. He opens, of course, with his standard "Hi, my friend." The BRG confirms that the other teams have gone off rock-climbing, and Drew looks less than thrilled. Now, the Kevin and Drew Physical Comedy Parade takes us to their Raile Beach boat, where Drew and the boat pilot are leaning over to one side so that Kevin can climb in on the other side without tipping the boat over. Of course, he can't get in that way, because they've got the boat tipped over so far that he can't get over the side. "Get in," Drew says. "I gotta wait till your fat ass gets in the middle," Kevin says. "Get in. [The boat pilot]'s on this side, because he knows how fat you are," Drew continues. Kevin walks around to the already-sagging side of the boat, because he can't actually jump six feet in the air to climb into the boat, as nice as it might be distribution-of-weight-wise. So now Kevin is about to climb into the boat over the same side it's already tipping toward. "You think this is gonna go over?" Kevin asks, disbelieving. "You think this is gonna go over?" "He's a little worried," Drew says, indicating Boat Guy. Kevin gets in and -- guess what? Boat comes pretty close to taking a tip. Now THAT would have been funny. "You're a Big Mac under 260, sit down," Drew barks once Kevin's aboard. "You're a matzo ball under 240," Kevin answers.

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