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Breaking the Mold

After a quick, post-ad replay of some of that, people get back to work, and partners keep encouraging them. Big Easy makes fun of Kisha's laugh, which kind of needed doing, even if it makes Kent visibly uncomfortable. Flight Time finishes painting his two halves first, so then they get clamped together with big binder clips. Flight Time has to hold the mold while the chocolatier ladles chocolate into it, rotating it to fill all the spaces. The music goes all porny as Flight Time gets his hips into it, and Big Easy keeps yelling from the sidelines. "Shut up!" Jen hollers. Laughing, Big Easy protests that he thought she liked him. "I do! I like you better when you're shutting up!" Jen answers. Awesome. Flight Time's mold is full, so now he has to take it outside and stick it in the snow for a half hour. Then there's some busy split-screening while several things happen at once. Flight Time piles snow up around his inverted gnome while Jen gets hers filled up and comes down after him. Mallory's getting chocolate in her mold. Jen's is in the snow, and Vyxsin's heading down with her filled mold. Now that the first four teams all have their gnomes in the snow, Kent takes the opportunity to shit-talk the Globetrotters. "When they don't get their own way, what do they do? They start yellin', they start whoopin' they start hollaaa!" Whoa, that sounds a little racist. He mocks Big Easy behind his back, and interviews that Big Easy was being a "big bully." He also says, "I kicked your ass last leg, big man. Third place, fifth place, and we're gonna kick your ass again today. Word." But not to his face or anything. He concludes, "I would love to see the Globetrotters go down." Hard to believe.

Zev is holding his mold as the chocolatier ladles chocolate in. "It's getting heavy because I'm filling it with chocolate," she explains unnecessarily. "Thanks, Captain Obvious," Zev says. "Zev, be nice!" Justin reminds him. Finally, Zev has to join everyone else out in the snow, to freeze his gnome and maybe have a little refresher course on manners.

Flight Time digs his gnome out just as Zev is burying his, which tells us there's about a half-hour gap between first and last. Other teams are doing the same in splitscreens. Up in the kitchen, Flight Time is guided through the delicate process of inserting a long knife between the halves of the mold to pry it open and free the gnome from within, hopefully with more success than mannequins were freed from the glacier. Jen and Vyxsin are also heading back to the kitchen. "My gnome, I love my gnome," Mallory dorks as she exhumes hers. "I feel as frozen as this gnome," Vyxsin says. That leaves just Zev out there waiting in the snow, forlornly watching his chocolate harden. Which sounds kind of gross out of context.

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