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After the ads, Justin explains to us that they dug straight down and then under the body, so they had no room to work, until they figured out that they needed to make the hole wider. Well, durr. You can't move any snow if you haven't given yourself any room to move it. Justin is still grunting raggedly, but at least they've got the bottom half of their dude out. Going by the maniacal laugh Justin lets out as their dummy's legs lie on top of the snow, he's about one setback away from going completely Daffy Duck.

The other four teams have arrived in Zermatt, and it's a short walk from the station to Le Petit Cervin. Vyxsin is the first to grab the clue, which is a Road Block: "Who wants to make a new friend?" Oh, come on now. People don't go on reality shows to make friends!

Over shots of chocolate being whipped up in a kitchen, Phil tells us that Switzerland exports more than 250 metric tons of chocolate. I think I ate most of that one year myself. Phil adds that the teams will be required to make a full-sized Travelocity roaming gnome out of chocolate. I was starting to wonder when that little fucker was going to show up in this race. We see hands painting different-colored chocolate into plastic gnome-molds as Phil says, "Adhering to exacting Swiss methods, which include using snow as a cooling agent, team members must gain the approval of the head chocolatier." I assume by making chocolate and not by singing a song or writing an essay or something. If they do a good enough job, they get to exchange their chocolate gnome for a real one -- that is to say a plaster one -- which will have their next clue pasted to the bottom. The bottom of the feet, that is.

Vyxsin's taking this. So are Flight Time, Mallory, and Jen. They run in and throw on white chef's jackets before getting to work, with their partners watching from one side of the kitchen. And, by the way, helping themselves to some chocolates. "This is a lot better than being on a glacier," Gary says.

Meanwhile, on the glacier, Justin is still trying to get Zev to help more, but with room for only one of them in the hole at a time, it's pretty tricky. But eventually Justin digs out the head and torso and hurls it clear. "That was hard," he says. But the important thing is that they managed to locate their avalanche victim and vivisect him to safety. They take off, Justin's pretty sure they're the last ones done, and getting a scare as their chopper tilts. Soon they're waiting for the train to Zermatt, Justin hopefully saying that someone must have had to switch Detours. "Or maybe we're dead last." Yeah, I think if any Detour switching had happened they'd see more than one other team.

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