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Karyn disembarks from her rickshaw, squawking the entire time. At first, she seems happy -- she's in first place, after all -- and then she seems grumpy almost immediately. "Why are we havin' such a hard time?" she gripes. God, Karyn, for what I only wish were the last time, SHUT UP.

Joe, waving his arms and trying to get the annoying peasants out of his way. Way to go for ultimate control over all people and things, Discount Joe.

Nancy makes a mistake here, I think, which is that she stays put on the rickshaw and tries to get people to tell her where the hotel is. She needs to get out of the craziness where she is and get herself to higher ground -- get back to Em, get back to the taxis, get OUT of the chaos. But she doesn't. She shows the clue to the swarms of people around her, most of whom don't appear to speak English very much, if at all, and certainly not enough to read an Amazing Race clue. As it turns out, she's also asking about a hotel that's a hundred miles away, so they're not all that likely to know where it is.

Karyn, yelling at her cab driver. Karyn, telling the people surrounding her cab to back off. Karyn, telling a man she can't give him a ride. A blind child, held up against her window. Another child, reaching his hand into the cab. See what I meant back there a few paragraphs ago? See how it's right there? Nothing to do but see it, I'm telling you.

Nancy, still burning up time in the rickshaw, asking about the hotel. Bail out, Nancy! Bail out! As was pointed out in the forums, in fairness, a guy looks right at Nancy along about here and says, "Go to Agra." In fact, he says it twice. But Nancy doesn't pick it up, what with the people yelling and pushing. In fact, it almost looks like another guy is trying to stop that guy from talking to her. She leaves, still not sure where she's going. "All I'm seeing is the word 'eliminated,'" she says sadly, "'Cause I'm not ready to go home." Aww. We're not ready yet either, Mom.

Commercials. Naked wolves -- dude!

Guidos in their cab. Joe thinks he was first to get back, and Bill gives him the bad news that Karyn was there ten minutes ago. Joe is steamed. Kevin conveys the clue to Drew, and Drew wants the address. Kevin delivers the bad news that there isn't one. Drew, incidentally, is wearing a variation on the Hating-Hat. On Drew, however, it's not so bad. (Somewhere, Rob is chomping a wad of gum.)

Nobody can find a driver who knows where the hotel is -- or who admits to knowing where the hotel is. Part of the problem with this sequence is that we are in the same position the contestants are in. How much English do these drivers actually speak? How much of this is a scam? How much is a real language barrier? It's really impossible to say. Once they get into a cab, Kevin and Drew start talking about what they've seen. "I've never seen anything like this in my life," Drew says gravely. "You had to be on the rickshaw," Kevin comes back. "You don't know what it's like." "You don't know what it was like waiting for you over there," Drew says. "Kids comin' up, and they have this stare in their eyes? That's like -- it's like they're looking right through you into your soul."

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