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Thank You India, Thank You Providence

Back at the FF castle. Margarita wakes up in Cuddly Pillow Frank's lap and grins and stretches. Okay, that was slightly cute, or at least it would have been if he had smiled. Which he didn't. Of course, this kind of thing might not be so endearing from the guy's point of view. Various parts of Limited Circulation Frank may be going numb as she peacefully sleeps, so I suppose I should be more understanding. Anyway, the gate opens and they go inside. Long story short? They paddle around and get the Fast Forward. Highlight? When Frank goes all Loud and Pushy, Margarita says, "Frank, I hate that. Why do you gotta blame everything on me? We're both doing this." Rah rah! Go Margarita! Anyway, they get the FF pass, and they're sent to Agra, India, which makes Frank yell. It's still not that difficult, you'll notice, to make Frank yell. It's 4,000 miles to New Delhi. That's a ways.

Bike shop. Guido, Momily, Kenny. Tense, pensive music, heavy on clarinet, low brass, and tinkling piano.

Airstrip. "This doesn't look safe at all," Drew says as they examine the plane. Rob, in the background: "We're gonna die in a blaze of glory." Drew comments that the plane "looks like it could go down in a second." No kidding. It'll be hell to replace, too, because you can't get a plane like that without two proofs of purchase and a buck for shipping and handling.

Bike shop. Lenny and Karyn try to look at each other as if they don't want to chew each other's heads off. Bill and Joe huddle under some kind of red tarp, kicking their feet jauntily. God. "Whatever" doesn't even begin to do the job, and neither does "shut up." Back at the airstrip, the boys are chuckling. Kevin: "This is going to be the Guidos going through town -- 'Drive, Billy! Drive!'" (You actually can't tell whose "Drive, Billy, Drive!" it is, because of the editing. It wasn't Drew, but it could be Kevin or either Esquire. It sounds like Rob, but I'm not willing to make the call.) It's funnier than that simple snippet indicates -- what matters is that the boys are goofing around together, and that's why I wish I'd been there, AND it's why Kevin wanted to hang out there instead of at the bike shop. As 9:00 approaches, Brennan (transformed briefly from The Boy Who Never Gets To Talk into The Boy Who Could Fly) finally gets strapped in (and I do mean strapped in) for the glider flight.

In far goofier news, the people back at the bike shop are lined up to tuck their pants into their socks. Now THAT is comedy. Again, I like clever wit, but there's nothing quite like tucked-in pantlegs.

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