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Rob gets himself situated in the plane that DOES have an engine. They give us the lovely Marshmallow-Man Nose-Hair Extreme-Close-Up, which is just not what I was looking for. Why can't we have this In-Your-Face-Cam a little later in the episode? (If you know what I mean, and I think you do.) Anyway, the planes prepare to take off, with the engine-possessing plane pulling the glider behind.

Funniest visual of the day: The bike shop people run across the street from the shop to the bikes, with their pants still nicely tucked in. This doesn't particularly flatter anyone, but it looks positively drop-dead hysterical on Joe, who's leading the way and running in just about the most delicate manner you can imagine. With his socks pulled up over his calves, Joe is looking a lot like Chipper Jones will look in twenty years -- if, you know, Chipper becomes a middle-aged nattily-dressed blond. (People I hate more than the Guidos? Pretty much just the Braves.) With the accompaniment of the dum-dum-dum Music Of Evil pulsing on the soundtrack, the effect of this Joe-shot is so funny that I cackled out loud when I first saw it, and I cackled again when I saw it again. I think every time I see it, for the foreseeable future, it's going to make me laugh, so I'm not going to be watching it with any beverages in my mouth. The bikes take off.

And hey, the planes take off, too. "All right, here we go," says non-talking Brennan. In fairness, in this sequence, they do let him say "yeah" a lot, and honestly, what more could a guy ask for? On the other hand, Rain Man also said "yeah" a lot.

Bikes. (Man, this sequence is IMPOSSIBLE to recap. Could they cut back and forth a little more? Because I'm not thoroughly nauseated yet.) Karyn gives Lenny an encouraging (ha!) little, "Come on, baby." Emily comments that she hasn't ridden a bike in years, and her legs are too short. In the following Tense Biking Sequence, we quite frankly see everybody basically doing what they normally do. The Guidos move with ruthless precision, make a few mistakes, and stay in the lead. (No. I AM! NOT! Making the "Joe rear-ends Bill" joke. I'm NOT. You can't make me.) Karyn snipes at Lenny. Momily is really cute and appealing and kinda looks a little lost.

Esquire, airborne. Now, it's hard to tell whether the boys can actually see each other from plane to plane, but it's sure edited to look like they can. The way it looks, they share a little wave as the towing plane cuts the glider loose. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the bonding of boys. You can just see it. No words, no nothin', and they've just achieved that strange unspoken bond that women achieve when one of them breaks up with her boyfriend, they eat ice cream together, and then they shop for pants. (It's actually better to shop for the pants before you eat your ice cream.) Anyway, from the ground, Drew comments that the planes are "saying goodbye" and the glider is "on [its] own now." Gliding Brennan chuckles. Mmmmm, impending doom.

Commercials. Survivor: Africa. Declining: Miss Alli.

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