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Thank You India, Thank You Providence

Commercials. Get glasses at Vision World -- your nearsightedness resource.

Kevin finishes up his phone call and books the tickets just as the train people are about to start getting twitchy. He and Nancy run for the train, and they make it. What a relief.

Frank and Margarita get to New Delhi, and it's dark, which is very confusing, because it was light where we just were. (I realize there's a large time difference; I'm just trying to straighten it out in my own head.) It appears that as morning settles, they make it to the pit stop. As they get out of their cab, Frank comments that "it smells like weed," and I don't know whether to laugh or cry at that. They land on the mat. Welcome, Team Danza, you are Team Number One. Way to extend your unjustified lead. And they've extended it by a lot, because it's quite early in the morning -- those are some long skinny shadows they're casting.

Rome airport. Esquire in the airport, and Brennan's got the visor on. (Grumble, grumble.) In one of the few real Brennan hottie-shots we've had (in which he's nicely bare-headed and combed), he explains that they decided to go to Rome rather than Milan, because the fairly cursory research they had time to conduct suggested that Rome would give them a better shot at flights than would Milan. Unlike the horrifying Tunisia experience, it appears that getting flights out of Rome to India is a piece of cake, as is getting flights out of Milan. And guess what? Everybody connects in Copenhagen. We see shots of the planes taking off -- Rome to Copenhagen, then Milan to Copenhagen. Brennan explains that when they got to Copenhagen and went to the gate for their connecting flight, they ran smack into all the other teams who came from Milan. So, aside from Danza, it's big old bunching in Copenhagen. Cut to an adorable shot of Rob wrapping an arm around Nancy. "Hi, Mom," he says, smooching the top of her head. Then we see her saying, "I'm happy to see you," and him saying, "I'm happy to see you, too." He looks twelve, suddenly. That's just -- awwww. Brennan, who has apparently been miraculously healed and is suddenly speaking more in this episode than ever before, explains that all the teams just gave in to the bunching, hunkered down, and prepared to enjoy the flight and start chasing each other again when they got to India.

On the Amazing World Map, a yellow line makes its way from Copenhagen to Delhi. At the New Delhi airport, lots of running is going on. (Miss Alli's Mom, on the Guidos: "They run funny. They run like they've got full diapers.") But hey, running aside, let's face it -- only one thing is happening that anyone wants me to talk about, and that's that everyone has changed clothes. Now this is a small issue for most people, but it's relatively important in the case of Esquire, because I have taken on the role of Personal Fashion Advisor After-The-Fact for these boys, and great gobs of glory, they've finally done something right. To wit: Some girl on the plane chewed Rob's sleeves off. No, really. Rob's sleeves have been stolen. Call the police! ["And get the sleeves back? No no no, put that phone down!" -- Sars]

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