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The twins make it to the Pit Stop, and are rather disappointed to be in third place. Phil introduces them to the greeter, Mun-Mun, like they should know each other. Nadiya does tell her that they're from Sri Lanka, "So we are sisters. Sister from another mother. A Bengali mother." "Anyway, we're proud of ourselves," Natalie says, going for the high five to make Nadiya stop babbling.

Jaymes and James get to the construction site and force their heavy load across the sand with the last ounce of strength they have left. Which is unfortunate, because as we already know, they don't have all their poles. Jaymes confirms that there are only seven of one kind and demands, "Where's the other three, James?" James is flummoxed, claiming he counted, but it doesn't matter; the judge is sending them back. Trey and Lexi just now arrive at the site and see what's going on, but it doesn't look like they can get in to deliver their load until the Chippendales leave. Jaymes collapses into the sand while James apologizes, saying he put them all on the ground. "How am I gonna keep going?" he wonders, dripping sweat, while Jaymes lies flat on his back, baking in the sun, all his clothes drenched with perspiration. And he's wearing cargo shorts, so that's no small feat.

After the ads, they sweat and despair some more, and then Jaymes says, "Ain't no fat lady to sing, this ain't over. We gotta keep going." James adds, "If you're gonna be dumb, you better be tough." Always important to have a plan B. After taking another moment to catch their breath, they get back up and start to head back while James vows, "Never surrender." If only he were quoting Galaxy Quest. They manage to somehow get their rickshaw turned around and back on the road, loaded with bamboo and regrets. Oh, man, they can't just leave their rickshaw here and go back for the missing three? That's even worse. Somewhere along the way back, Jaymes tells James to stop, and James's frustration level is rising. "We're not giving up, but this is pretty dire right here," James says. It's not every day you hear a Chippendale using the word "dire."

Josh and Brent are taking it easy, carrying two poles at a time and saying, "There's a chance we might be able to catch up." Not at this pace, Beekmans. On the other hand, their lighter loads seem easier to control. Or maybe they're just used to carrying long pieces of building materials from Home Depot to the farm.

Trey and Lexi get their rickshaw dragged onto the construction site, and after a quick check, they have their clue to the Pit Stop and are once again in fifth place. Rob & Kelley roll their suitcases up to the mat at the Pit Stop and are team number four. Mighty happy about it, too.

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