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They get to Jatrabari Boro Bazaar (per the subtitle) and start wandering around in search of Beghun, who they find standing next to a large display of long, skinny eggplants. He gives them their next clue, which tells them that now they have to get to Ferry Ghat Road to search for a clue box. The leg has officially Beghun.

Abbie and Ryan are starting out in a distant second, at 9:41 AM, which is not terribly surprising given that James and Abba used the Fast Forward in the previous leg. After we learn that the allowance for this leg is a whole dollar, Ryan interviews that he wants to break the record set by Other Rachel and Dave last season for the most legs won in one race. That was eight, and although Team Grabbie has won two of the four thus far, they can't afford to lose many more. More to the point, however, if anything that ever happens again it's a failure on the part of the production. Much like it was with Other Rachel and Dave. They really weren't all that awesome, you know.

The twins leave a minute later, in third place, and are helpfully not wearing matching outfits again. One of them interviews how they're the only all-female team left, but they're still beating many of the other teams, all of whom have either one large man or two men. Who add up to one large man. They didn't say that last part, though.

James and Abba get to the clue box under a bridge off Ferry Ghat Road and read from the clue they find there, "It ain't heavy, it's a Roadblock." That is not a question. Now here's Phil, telling us that vendors in Bangladesh use scales to weigh and value their goods, hence this Roadblock in which each team has to build the kind of large scale we see all around this area. Each scale is an eight-foot-tall tripod of thick bamboo poles with a balance mechanism hanging from the center, like if the symbolic representation of Justice were one of those giant alien machines in The White Mountains. Once each racer's scale is constructed, they have to load up the pans with sticks and branches on one side and large rocks on the other until they're perfectly balanced. No wonder Bangladesh is such a poor country, with its branch/boulder currency standard.

James takes this one, because last week when Abba stepped in the sewer ditch he also hurt his knee, and they think he should stay off it as much as possible. I would suggest he also stay off of flimsy boards that cover sewer ditches. James gets right to work on his scale, the first stage of which is lashing together three long, heavy bamboo poles and then standing them up in a tripod. James hearkens back to his days erecting tents as a Boy Scout, but since that was forty years ago, his tripod tips over almost immediately. "I can assure you that throughout the '80s, though, I was no Boy Scout," he interviews. Bet he still erected a lot of tents, though. James eventually gets his tripod set up successfully by arranging the poles in a wider stance, and then starts hanging up the scale mechanism as Abba tells us that James has good mechanical aptitude. Can you imagine how great a roadie would be at this race? Get on it, CBS. Alas, the task judge signals to James that his scale isn't quite right. Taking a closer look at the model, James realizes that thinner ropes are supposed to be used to lash the poles together. Now if only James cold find such ropes. Well, the Amazing Cameraman has found them, hanging from the low roof of a nearby shed just above eye level, while James scans the ground instead. This could take a while, but Mark says they can't let any teams catch up. Yeah, if you got a Fast Forward in the previous leg and there's no artificial bunching in this one, you really can't.

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