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Team Grabbie gets to the taxi stand just ahead of the twins, who tell their driver they have to beat the "goras." One of them (in grey) explains that "gora" is a Hindi word for white people, but assures us that it isn't derogatory. Too bad; I'm always on the lookout for racial putdowns that can be applied to me. "Doughboy" just lacks a certain sting. Both teams get going, or they would, if the traffic were allowing any movement at all.

After dismantling his scale, James takes another look around for the materials he needs and finally spots the lashing-ropes hanging from the shed. He goes over and collects a coil or two, telling the two people sitting right under them, "You are a trouble maker. You could have told me they were there." And then, just to show he's kidding, he adds, "You're my friend." James then moves on to real scale-lashing from mock tongue-lashing.

Team Grabbie and the twins are at the bazaar, and they decide to join forces in the search for Beghun the eggplant vendor. They soon find him, and the twins are technically in second place, but just barely.

Goat Famers Josh and Brent are the fourth team to leave the Pit Stop at 10:53 AM. These teams are really going to be spread out. Josh interviews that he and Brent have been together for 14 years, but that it's more like they've been together for ten and apart for four, as he's been commuting between the city and the farm on weekends while Brent does the Green Acres thing full time. "It's become comfortable for us to have our own space and that's not a good thing," Josh says. And now they're bickering about how fast they should walk or run to the taxi, as if to demonstrate the converse of that fact.

Rob & Kelley, the monster truckers, are taking off at 10:59, in fifth place. Rob tells us in an interview that Kelley may seem quiet and reserved, but is amazingly competitive. Kelley adds that she's a professional barrel racer, as we see in some grainy black-and-white footage that suggests she's not so much competing in a rodeo as swimming in Loch Ness or assassinating President Kennedy. "I'd rather come in under the radar, take the money, and go home," she says. Back to that old Bigfoot-in-the-forest film where she belongs.

Jaymes and James start the leg in sixth place, at 11:10 AM. Like several teams before them, they have to begin their leg over the persistent noise of an engine in the background that sounds like a machine gun. Somebody needs a tune-up, clearly. They wish the locals "As-salaam alaikum" and head off in search of the taxi stand. You know, Jaymes's dad has cancer, too, as he mentioned earlier in the race. Has anyone looked into the reasons TAR21 gives dads cancer?

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