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Nadiya (in maroon) opts do this Roadblock, and Natalie starts cheering her on right away. Next to her at the waiting area, Ryan starts right in complaining about the cheering and the hollers of "Twinny!" I don't mind the cheering nearly as much as I mind listening to Ryan complain about the cheering. And then he even goes on to mock them, prompting Natalie to describe Ryan in an interview as a "tool." No argument here. Meanwhile, Abbie is annoying Nadiya almost as much while they're both doing the Roadblock by asking if she's done this before. "Yeah, I've built a bloody third-world scale in the back of my garden before. What do you think, are you insane?" Nadiya eye-rolls in a post-leg interview. I think it should be obvious which side I'm on.

The goat farmers are still in search of the marked taxi stand, which the monster truckers and the Chippendales have soon already found. Finally, Trey and Lexi begin their leg at 11:34, in seventh and last place That's almost four hours behind Team Metal, who you'll note have already finished the Roadblock and are en route to the Detour. God knows when Gary and Will would have been allowed to start if they hadn't been eliminated last week. The goat farmers? Still lost. And Josh is starting to feel nervous about all the people standing around openly staring at them from six inches away. After an ad break, they decide to wander off in a different direction, while Brent snaps at Josh to wander faster.

James and Abba are in their cab to the bamboo Detour, and have high hopes that this will go quickly as well. But then after they pick out which rickshaw they'll use, check out an example of one laden with the same number and length of poles they need to transport, and head in among the racks of bamboo, they read from the clue that that they can only pick from the marked racks, and they realize they're in a maze. "Holy hell on earth," James says. "Bamboo-zled again." James, stop it! But eventually they find the racks with the Amazing Flags sticking out from between the poles, way over on the far end of the bambooyard, just to make this as hard as possible. They load up four ten-footers on their shoulders and head back to their rickshaw, one longhair on each end.

"Way to dominate this!" Ryan hollers over to Abbie, who uses her entire weight to check the stability of her scale's tripod. "Actually, Nadiya's dominating Abbie," Natalie reasonably points out to Ryan. "I mean, dominating...dominating her area," Ryan says lamely, to which Natalie humors him, "Yeah, yeah, yeah." I'm finding that the more Team Grabbie and the twins get on each other's nerves, the more I like the twins. Odd, that. There's a certain irony in the fact that we now see Natalie outsourcing some of her work, enlisting some of the kids hanging around the yard in chanting, "Twinny!" They interview about how they feel at home here, among people who look like their neighbors in Sri Lanka. Abbie struggles with her rope and Ryan admits, "I probably should have done this one." You probably should learn not to trust Roadblock clues, is what you should do. Nadiya finishes building her scale, with all the attendant cheering from Natalie and the crowd, but Abbie gets a no. In fact, she has to retie her knot, which is the last thing a divorcee wants to hear.

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