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After a brief Beghun-hunt at the market, the Chippendales get the clue sending them to Ferry Ghat Road in fourth place, and they "As-salaam alaikum" their way out of there before Rob & Kelley get their eggplant clue in fifth place. And Josh & Brent finally find the taxi stand, just moments ahead of Trey & Lexi, the seventh-and-last place team. Ouch. They just pissed away not only two slots in the rankings, but 41 minutes, all while just looking for a cab away from the Pit Stop. This does not bode well for them.

James & Abba are still loading their bamboo, mixing up thin poles and thin ones, but the heat and humidity are forcing James to slow down somewhat. Now they have to move on to the twenty-footers, which are about as awkward as you can imagine. With one of them at each end, they balance three on each shoulder, but there's a rather long tail behind James that disturbs other workers as they try to take it around a corner. They manage to get it loaded and tied down on their rickshaw, without this turning completely into a Laurel & Hardy bit, though.

Rob & Kelley get to the Roadblock, and Kelley takes it. Natalie cheers Nadiya on, because that's what they do, and they get their clue in second place while Ryan shakes his head. The twins decide on bamboo, and Ryan calls it "a little deflating" to get there before the "twinsies" and not be done when they left. Fine with me; I can't think of anybody this season more in need of a little deflating.

James has Jaymes do the scale Roadblock, and as they run in, they high-five the twins while the latter team is running out. Abbie gets approval on the construction of her scale and gets to start balancing, but Ryan's still fretting about how he should have done this, pointing out that the pans of Abbie's scale are nearly on the ground. Rob also wishes he were doing this one rather than Kelley, who seems to be wilting a bit in the heat. Abbie strikes a balance, but the judge tells her that her scale is too low. So she has to unload it and start over. Sucks to be her. Meanwhile, the goat farmers find the eggplant clue in sixth place, still just barely ahead of last-place Team Austin.

Team Metal has their long, awkward load tied down, and now they have to start walking their rickshaw toward their destination, which is apparently a place called Shabman Oil Mill. This process proves rather fraught, as their giant poles keep brushing people aside on the crowded streets and sidewalks. Eventually some locals join in the effort, walking along with their hands on the load. Either they're hoping for a tip or they don't want to see their neighborhood decimated by a pair of idiot goras.

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