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Back from the ads, Thomas is at least owning his frustration. And sharing it with Jill. Behind him, Kevin refers to Jill and Thomas as "Thomas's team," so clearly even Kevin got the memo as to who's in charge there. The volleyball team gets into their car, and Katie thinks that Jill and Thomas screwed up their directions, which is correct, but they also think that Jill and Thomas haven't even done the Road Block yet, which is not. Honestly, girls, don't you think Thomas would have stopped when he saw you if that were the case? Well, maybe not, if Jill told him to.

Further along the road, Thomas flashes his headlights at someone to get him to pull over, and amazingly it works. Here in the states that would just get you led to the nearest police station, and you'd have to get your directions from the desk sergeant. Kevin pulls in behind them, watching the direction the guy points, and soon both teams are back on the road, presumably going in the right direction.

While Nick and Vicki bike along the course, Nick keeps calling ahead to Vicki to slow down. Yes, you read that right. "It was pretty hard, he thinks," Vicki interviews. "I thought it was easy." She offers to let him get off and walk for a while, and is quite encouraging and supportive about it in a way that rather cracks me up. Way to go, BMX dude. That's more embarrassing than what I thought was going to happen, which was that they wouldn't know what to do with the sign with the lock combinations on it. Which doesn't happen. "I'm proud of you," she says as they head back down the hill. Ooh, that's so mean.

Chad directs his and Stephanie's boat to the debarking point. Katie and Rachel arrive at Harvika, glad to see two other cars still there, and still hoping to pass someone. But then they pick the boat option, so that won't be happening.

Jill/Thomas and Michael/Kevin are both driving up to the marina. There's some race-for-last-style editing, but Jill and Thomas make it to the mat in third place. Michael and Kevin are team number four. They're happier about their spot than the third-place team was.

Back to Nick and Vicki, who complete the Detour and head to the Pit Stop in sixth place.

Brook and Claire get to the marina, but they have a little difficulty getting their car unlocked -- right after they've gotten out of it, mind you -- so they can get their stuff out of it. In fact, when the back passenger door swings open, it apparently catches Brook in the face. But they run on up to the mat, Brook saying, "I'm bleeding really bad." Soon they're on the mat as team number five. Phil asks Brook, "What'd you do to your eye?" Finally, we get a look at a spot of blood over the outer corner of Brook's left eye, which she's really not making anything out of. "Wouldn't be the first of this journey," she says philosophically. Impressed with her moxie, spunk, and any number of other synonyms that aren't ever applied to dudes, Phil calls her a tough nut. He's half right. "Nothing but blood gushing're ready to sell jewelry." Don't encourage her, Phil. Although I do think it's interesting that the facial injuries seem to be happening to the team who makes its living on TV.

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