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Laundry And Kicking

Phil checks in Dustin and Kandice as team number two. They're happy and relieved.

Finally, Charla finds the clue. She and Mirna read about driving themselves to Victoria Park. Once they're in the car, Charla makes the mistake of questioning Mirna's navigation, so Mirna tells her to "quiet down." Elsewhere, Eric takes the Roadblock and starts kicking down doors. You can kind of tell that this part is being accelerated, because it didn't turn out to be very exciting, and we have to leave plenty of time for gnome footage. Eric finds the clue that directs them to the next pit stop, so apparently, he's good with kicking. Mirna and Charla are stuck in traffic on the way to the park.

Commercials! Canada likes food and cars. Holy crap, they're just like us.

When we come back, Eric and Pink are looking for the park, and she suggests that they flag down a cab and follow it. Eric says no, but then before you know it, he's admitting that they're sort of going the totally wrong direction. He seems to be navigating, looking at the map in the front seat, which is not ideal. I'm not sure what her function is right here, but it doesn't seem to have much to do with getting them where they're supposed to be going. "I told you we should have followed a cab," she says. In an interview, she calls Eric "stubborn" and says that he doesn't always want her to say much of anything. They continue to bicker about this in the car, because he doesn't want to admit that her way would probably have been faster.

Charla and Mirna find the park. They pull the gnome. It is uneventful, as it was for the BQs. I think someone overestimated how difficult this was going to be by kind of a lot, because it's up there with shoe-tying for level of difficulty. They are led toward the pit stop by their cab driver, and now things are happening very quickly. Eric and Pink pull their boat. They head for the pit stop, but first? They stop for directions. Once Eric has secured directions, Pink starts complaining again about the fact that he isn't following a cab. He grumps that following a cab is a "pain in the ass," and she kind of doesn't get how it's worse than not knowing where you're going. He tells her they don't have enough money to pay cabs to drive everywhere, and that would seem to be a valid concern. Charla and Mirna, on the other hand, manage to kidnap a whole guy and get him into their car, so that he can lead them. In the cab, Charla seems to be telling the guy that the gnome is waiting for them at the pit stop. They get on their way. Elsewhere, Pink finally gets Eric to let her ask a cab to lead them to the pit stop. In an after-the-leg interview, Pink is still incredulous that Eric refused to admit she was right, to the point where he kind of let them get screwed.

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