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The sun's getting low over the mud pit. "Not my first time in a pit of mud," Mallory admits, "but probably my first time in this outfit." Not that anyone's outfit is visible any more; everyone's so uniformly coated by this point that without the subtitles they'd be all but unrecognizable. Justin finds a frog, and runs it over to the grand master on the sidelines. He hands Justin a clue, and gets a muddy chest-bump from Zev for his trouble. Now it's off to the Pit Stop, which this week is in the city of Kurihama, specifically a monument to the landing of Commodore Matthew Perry, the U.S. Ambassador who arrived there on July 14, 1853. I know all of this as a keen student of history, and also because the inscription on the monument says so. Of course, the monument doesn't say that Commodore Perry's first words to the greeting delegation were, "Could this place be any further east?" Phil remembers to add that the last team to check in may be eliminated. Zev and Justin run off, while Mallory continues crawling through the mud asking for help from Jesus and getting playfully annoyed with the people who keep splashing mud on her already-covered self. Gary finds the frog, and they're out of there in second place. While running off, Mallory promises them a pair of redheads later. The mud-throwers whoop, whether they understood her or not.

Zev and Justin hose each other down on the tarp (an unusual concession to cleanliness during a leg, but I guess the race is paying for those rental cars), and Justin interviews that he was beginning to think they might win this leg. Just now that occurs to him? He rushes them out of the changing tent before they're fully dressed. In fact, Zev claims he isn't wearing underwear even in this post-leg interview. "That's hot, "Justin says. Gary and Mallory hose off, and it's cold.

Jen and Kisha are a the mud pit, complaining about the cold. "And I don't do bikinis," Kisha adds. Jen interviews, "It was thirty degrees outside and I was in a diaper." They get right into it, though, and are soon filthy. "Guess I'll learn to keep my mouth closed," Kisha says, which tells us right away that something horrible has happened.

Kent and Vyxsin reach the railway station clue in eighth place. They'll be doing Frog of Luck, as will Mike and Mel. "I think it would be somehow satisfying to beat Jaime and Cara," Mike says. Or just Jaime. Speaking of those two, Jaime finally clips one edge of her target. She probably could have hit it more easily if she'd been allowed to tape a side-view mirror onto it. She and Cara are soon on their way. "Hopefully a comeback in the making," Cara says from her customary position in the back seat, on a unicorn that farts rainbows.

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