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Playing Dirty

Flight Time and Big Easy are led into the pool at the foot of the waterfall and put through their paces by a younger, female sensei, enduring several dunks under the freezing water. Though it's not the kind of dunks they're used to, as they point out in an obligatory interview. Ron and Christina are doing the staffs while the Globetrotters marinate in the waterfall. When they're allowed to step out from under it, Big Easy loses his footing on what I'm sure is an uneven, slippery bottom and goes under for several seconds. "I want my mama!" he hollers when he comes back up. They return their staffs and, before heading back to the changing hut, grab the Amazing Purse left on a nearby rock. Which, of course, isn't theirs. Ron and Christina finish the Detour in fifth place (Ron comparing the force of the waterfall to "people throwing rocks at you") and they climb out. "We had a lot of evil spirits apparently," Christina says. And the worse news is that now her Amazing Purse isn't where she left it. The Globetrotters have already changed back into their clothes, and have apparently realized their mistake, but they just left Ron and Christina's Amazing Purse in the changing hut for Ron to find. Which is giving Ron quite a bit of undeserved credit, if you ask me. Christina is freaking out about their missing passports and money. "That would not be good to grab the wrong bag," Flight Time says as he and Big Easy get back in their car. I think he means "grab and drive off with," which would be worse. But this is bad enough that we go right into a commercial break.

After the ads, and some more consternation, Ron and Christina figure that all they can do is go on. "It's not here so they must have taken it," Christina says. "Why would they make such a stupid mistake like that?" Ron bitches as they head back to the changing hut. He's going to need another purification ritual.

"I'm sure I got dirt in places dirt should not be right now," Kisha says from under a layer of mud. But soon she finds the frog and holds it up high, necessitating some Amazing Pixellation over her chestal region. Jen takes it to the grand master while Kisha stays behind to settle some scores in the mud pit, and after being offered the clue, Jen gives him a big, muddy hug. They're running for the Pit Stop in fifth place.

Back at the waterfall, Ron is throwing things on the floor like a toddler in a tantrum, oblivious to how the camera keeps zooming in significantly on the fanny pack next to the rest of his stuff in the side of the room. Finally he spots it and, rather than being relieved, curses angrily, saying, "Why would they do such a freaking thing?" Christina explains to us what happened, like, we knew the score before you did, sweetheart, and they're off. Although Ron's clearly not over it.

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