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Playing Dirty

Justin interviews, "If a guy gets out of his car in his underwear and asks for directions in the States, you run the other way. Here they don't even bat an eye." For that is what he and Zev are doing, climbing into their pants as a local politely points them in the direction of Kurihama. Elsewhere on the road, Mallory is impatiently taking charge of her and Gary's navigation from the back seat.

Jen and Kisha hose off, and then we get an alleged (or possibly mocking) beefcake shot of the Cowboys in their "Japanese loincloths." Margie is not remotely happy about the fashions as she follows Luke out to the field. Jen and Kisha are in their car, Jen still shivering.

Jet and Cord enter the mud pit. After the fact, Cord explains that he was listening for the croaks and watching for the jumping of the frog he thought they were after. "You want to stay quiet, stay down," he interviews, because he grew up in a Mark Twain story. Jet finds a frog quickly, which almost makes up for the embarrassment of Cord's not knowing, "the frogs weren't alive. Did you know that?" Jet just nods. They're off in sixth place before Margie and Luke have even begun searching. Vyxsin and a reluctant Kent join them in the search, with Mel and Mike close behind. Wow, between those last two teams, that is a lot of pale.

The last-place team arrives at the railway station, where they are briefly condescending to the local children before getting on their way to "Frog of Luck." "Maybe we'll get luck and get it fast," Jaime says. Better be fast. Daylight's running out.

Zev and Justin arrive at the Perry monument, their shadows long as they confirm that they have the fanny pack. Man, you know Justin can't ever go anywhere or do anything even in his everyday life without the people he's with constantly asking him, "You go the tickets? Got your wallet? Got your passport?" They run up to the mat, where two female greeters in kimonos welcome them. The northern sky's looking dark in the background as Phil tells them they're team number one. They hug, and crack Phil up by discussing whether Justin was also humping Zev. They can resume this romantic moment on the trip they just won to Punta Islita, Costa Rica. "We're in it to win it this time," Justin interviews. "'Cause we're a team, "Zev says. Justin puts an arm around him. Zev: "Don't touch me." He might be kidding or not. I don't care because it's funny either way.

Back at the mud pit, Vyxsin is the next to find a frog. "I give you a big, muddy hug," Kent says to the Grand Master as he does so. The Grand Master looks after them with disgust, but I don't think it's just because of the mud. As the Goths hose each other down, Jaime and Cara, waiting in traffic, discuss the irony of going for a luck task on what has been an unlucky day for them. Cara says it sounds like this upcoming task is going to be dirty. "Dirty and dark," Jaime agrees. Vyxsin is telling Kent to stop "prancing around" and get going already. "Somehow my makeup still held up," he says. He asks if Vyxsin was cold. "No, 'cause I was working really hard," she says pointedly. Kent's makeup doesn't hold up so well under that.

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