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And here they are at the mat. Phil asks them if it's been a rough day. They allow that it has been, and he advises them, "You'd better get the strength to keep going, cause you guys are team number four." Screams and hugs. They weren't actually worried, were they? Also, notice from their fourth-place slot that they just got in ahead of the Globetrotters again.

Back at the mud pit, Jaime and Cara are nearly there. Mike has stopped searching, and stands by the bonfire while Mel keeps looking. This isn't exactly covering him in glory, in addition to his preexisting covering of mud. "He is so amazing," Mike says of his dad. Maybe you should be helping him, then.

The Globetrotters penalty in absentia must have expired, because Jet and Cord check in as team number six. "Good stuff," Cord says.

Mike calls out to Mel to stop, and Mel finally says okay. "This has been the toughest day of my life."

Team Go Team are all decked out and heading for the mud field in full dark, even giggling when Jaime trips over a curb. Odd how her mood has improved now that they think they've already lost, and extra points for being willing to dive into a mud pit even when they think it's hopeless. Mike prevails upon Mel to join him in an ambulance to warm up. They're still in there when the cheerleaders get to the mud pit and climb in, unaware that anyone else is still there. Kent and Vyxsin are at the mat as team number seven. Mel and Mike are still shivering. Jaime and Cara are still searching. Margie and Luke arrive at the Pit Stop after it has started raining there, and Phil wastes no time telling them they're team number eight. Two teams yet to check in. Jaime and Cara find the frog, and Mike, seeing this through the ambulance window, does a double temple-palm in the ambulance. "That was utterly miserable," Jaime says as they head back. But at least they finished, right, even if they're about to be eliminated?

On the way back to the Pit Stop, the indifferently-cleaned cheerleaders are so sure they're out of it that Jaime's even letting Cara drive. Half-dressed, they jog to the mat in the rain, and Phil says to them, "Jaime and Cara?" Cara finishes, "You are the last team to arrive and you have been eliminated." Phil tells them they're "incorrect" -- team number nine, and still in the race. They're overwhelmed. "Shut the front door," Cara says. In their post-leg interview, Jaime points to a big lump of dried mud on the top of Cara's head and says that's "a big giant lump of panda poo," which was is somehow good luck for them. Probably should have put it on before they landed in Hong Kong.

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