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Mel and Mike rip their clue at 12:14 PM and learn that they have $607 for this leg. Mel interviews that he feels stronger the longer they stay. "It reinforces the idea that I'm old but we can make it," he tells us. And if you look at Mike while Mel's saying this, he looks like he's just waiting to catch his dad when he inevitably keels over. They catch up with Luke and Margie in the travel agency, and learn that the quickest way they know of so far is a direct Qantas flight to Tokyo arriving at 6:15 AM, but they're looking for something earlier. Because that always works out well.

Kent and Vyxsin open their clue at 12:16, and she's super excited about going to Japan. Of course she is. I don't even want to think about how much Hello Kitty crap she has back home. Kent boasts about the cowboy hat he's wearing, to show Jet and Cord that they aren't he only ones who can pull off the cowboy hat look. I'm not saying they are, but the one Kent's rocking looks like he stole it off of one of Vyxsin's Hello Kitty toys. Kent, when I'm saying some people can pull off a cowboy hat, I'm saying that someone actually needs to pull the cowboy hat off your head right now. They find some internet place to get onto Travelocity, although I'm sure if they were using Expedia or Orbitz we wouldn't be hearing about it.

Jaime and Cara get started at 12:24 PM and head to a travel agency, but a different one. They tell the agent behind the counter what they need and begin staring at the agent with such creepy intensity that he's going to learn how to tell them apart in record time.

Gary and Mallory are the ninth to start their leg, at 12:26 PM. Mallory nearly shits herself with excitement, as always, and they run for a cab to the airport.

Christina and Ron are still in last place, at 12:28 PM, meaning the tenth-place team came in only 31 minutes behind the first place team. They're excited to be going to Tokyo. Christina tells us she's engaged to Azaria, who she met in Season 12, and I can't help wondering if she wishes she could have done the re-race with him instead of her dad, Eric & Danielle-style. Except by "wondering" I mean "assuming." But she puts a good face on it, saying this is extra special, "because I know that once I get married we won't have this chance again." And by that I assume she means "the network caught so much shit about a Frankenteam winning the last all-star season that they shot us right down."

One last shot of the Sydney Opera House later, we're en route to Sydney Airport. In their cab, Zev remarks that the Cowboys and the Globetrotters are right behind them, which prompts him to remark, "We need a cool nickname. I guess we're The Special Kid And His Friend." Justin and the cab driver laugh at that, but I'm sticking with Team Asperger's. Easier to type.

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