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Team Asperger's and the Globetrotters visit a Cathay Pacific office, only to learn there are only two seats left on that flight. So that means neither team can go, since their camera and sound crew need to stay with them, right? No, I guess not. Big Easy says to Justin, "We owe y'all one, remember?" Because of the clue Justin gave them in Manly. "I didn't really like the connection anyway," Flight Time says once they've left them to it. But Justin's feeling good about it. Which, even though Justin is a sweet guy, is a red flag right there.

At the airport, the Whites are standing around with Luke and Margie when Gary and Mallory wander up. "You guys find a different one?" Mallory asks, only to be studiously ignored by the other teams in favor of their water bottles. It's kind of amazing how thirsty her question suddenly made them. Margie finally non-answers, "We have reservations." Yes, reservations about talking to you. Mallory takes the hint, and she and Gary head on. Mike admits that he felt awkward about it, "but we just gotta get ahead of other teams." And of course he has no way of knowing that the flight they're on is full anyway.

Zev and Justin board the Cathay Pacific flight, only to learn that there are five other teams traveling with them. As a reminder, it's them, Kent & Vyxsin, Margie & Luke, Mel & Mike, and Jaime & Cara. "And hopefully there won't be any snafus," Justin says, apparently unaware of what the N in "snafu" stands for.

The Qantas flight is boarding in evening twilight, with Gary/Mallory, Kisha/Jen, Ron/Christina, and Jet/Cord. And, presumably, the Globetrotters, even though the Amazing Editors forgot to show them. It takes off into the night sky.

Speaking of night skies, there's one in Hong Kong as the captain announces, "We do apologize for this delay." Engine trouble, apparently, and there's no word on how long it'll take to fix. We're left to figure out on our own that they've already changed planes, so it's not like this is only cutting into their three-hour layover. The plane sits on the tarmac with the five teams of re-racers trying to keep cool. Jaime has put her head down on her tray table (it's either that or bite someone's face off), and Mike says, "We're not the fastest team on the field, so I hate losing time like this...It means we're scrambling against the four other teams on this flight." Mel moans, apparently preemptively exhausted at the very thought of it.

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