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Waiting for their car to come around, Justin is saying, "Come on, Ferrari. Come on, Porsche." I think it should be obvious that any cars that get parked on a rotating rack are...not going to be on the high end. "No whammy, no whammy," Zev adds. Wrong game show. Ultimately, they get into a regular car like everyone else.

Now that we're in the streets of Tokyo, it's time for the montage of navigation challenges. Jen and Kisha try to read their map. Mallory asks if they're going the wrong way, and leans out the window to ask Big Easy behind her. "I don't have a map, we're following y'all," Big Easy yells back. The blonde leading the blind. Christina rolls down a window to get directions from a fellow motorist. About whom Ron shortly says, "She told us to go here so we might be screwed because of her ineptitude." Again with the Ron-charm. Now Mallory is leaning out the window to holler to Kisha. Cord's wrestling with the map in the back seat while Jet drives, hopeful that they're going the right way.

Ron and Christina are the first to reach the shrine. So much for their fellow motorist's "ineptitude." Among the things going on are a guy on a galloping horse shooting arrows at targets as he passes by. That's the kind of thing you'd like to see an Amazing Racer attempt until you realize a half-second later that the probability of a fatality would be one in one. Ron and Christina make their way across the grounds while Christina interviews something boring about how much they like Japanese culture, and they soon find the dojo. Road Block! From inside the dojo, Phil lies, "Teams will face a rigorous training exercise that will determine whether or not they are truly arrow-dynamic." This last as a guy on a slow-moving mechanical horse shoots an arrow at a small wooden target. Oh, Phil. He explains that they'll have to dress up as samurai, complete with kimono, gloves, slippers, and a strappy Japanese version of a cowboy hat, because apparently some things are universal. Then they'll learn the Yabusame ritual, culminating in shooting an arrow from one of those slowly rotating wooden horses. An instructor will be doing a demonstration of a form, or specific series of moves. They'll have to reproduce that form to the satisfaction of a master. Then they'll get on one of those wooden horses and hit one of those wooden targets with an arrow while the horse rotates at about three RPMs beneath them. It's not a big target, but it's only six feet away, so it'll be hard to miss. That done, they'll get the next clue. Christina nominates Ron to take this one, and he heads on inside. While he gets dressed, he complains that he doesn't have great eyesight. He watches a demo-shot and says, "Ay, ay ay ay." Or maybe he's just trying to wake up the part of his body he'll need for this task.

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