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Kisha and Jen reach the shrine next, followed closely by Gary/Mallory and the Globetrotters. But Gary and Mallory find the actual dojo before the other teams do. When they open the clue, it reads, "Who wants to go back a thousand years in time?" Gary takes it, on the logic that "I was born a thousand years ago." Mallory indescribably geeks, "Go go go go" and sends him on in. Where Ron is blowing his first attempt at the form.

The Globetrotters find the dojo in third place. Flight Time will be doing this. And when the sisters arrive, Jen takes this one. The three of them get dressed and join Ron in his ongoing attempts to do the form. Gary gets it wrong right away. Jen and Gary watch the demo archer, who seems to be calling out something like "Niyoi" before shooting. "Do we have to make the noise?" Jen asks sadly. She'd hate to have to do anything in this leg that might make her look silly.

Jet and Cord are having navigational trouble. "We should be headed south," Cord says from the depths of the map. "Yeah, we're headed east, "Jet says, squinting into the morning sun. "I see that," Cord says mildly. I think that's the closest thing to an argument I've ever seen them have.

Kent calls Tokyo "the Times Square of Japan," like that's a meaningful observation, and says, "You'd be a nut to try and go at this by yourself." Mike pulls over to run back to their car and consult over maps. Behind them, Luke and Margie and Jaime and Cara sit and watch. But Zev and Justin just coast on by, which the other teams don't fail to notice. So much for last place.

Ron gets another thumbs-down on the form, and interviews about how strict the judges were. Gary gets an okay on his form, but the second part, where he does a second form with the bow and arrow before mounting the horse, gets flagged. Flight Time has the same trouble. Jen also blows the form. "Very pretty, actually, but very detail-oriented," she tells us. Like Jen herself, except possibly for the detail-oriented part.

Team Asperger's is already at the dojo, meaning they've already passed one of the teams who were on the flight that landed earlier. Justin's taking this one, while Zev happily greets the other re-racers waiting outside. Inside, Justin is glad to see that there are other teams still there. Dude, there are five teams yet to arrive.

Back in Tokyo, Team Go Team has gotten out of their car to ask for someone who speaks English. And, as Jaime specifies, speaks it well. Up ahead, Mike tells Margie that he wants to ditch the other teams. Surprisingly, Margie goes along with leaving the cheerleaders -- Luke's "race girlfriends" -- in the dust. "We're never gonna get there," Jaime says once she and Cara are back in their car. Her cheerleading skills really didn't translate, did they?

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