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Jet and Cord have made a trenchant observation about Japan: "The signs are in Japanese." That's damned inhospitable of them. Although I'm seeing words for Japanese places in the Roman alphabet, and I'm pretty sure that's not for the locals. The good news is that even in Japan, you can steer south by keeping the sun on your left. And since it's the land of the rising sun, the sun is always in the east there, right?

Back at the dojo, Jen turns out to be pretty detail-oriented after all; she aces both forms and then, when it comes time to shoot from the back of the wooden horse, she breaks the target in a shower of confetti. Ron moans, "Oh, no, come on," taking Jen's success personally. Now in first place and back in her own clothes, Jen happily emerges from the dojo and opens their next clue, which is sending them to Minamiashigara, specifically the Dayuzan railway station. Outside is a Kintaro statue, a clue box, and two small children waving Japanese flags in case none of that other stuff is conspicuous enough to people who are actively searching for it.

Justin is doing his form, and does well by thinking about the meaning of the moves rather than the equivalent of learning it phonetically. He nails the target, and suddenly he and Zev are in second place. Not bad considering they were in last place only minutes ago, if you don't also consider that they were in first place at the beginning of the leg. Gary's arrow is a little shaky, but he hits a bulls-eye, much to Ron's chagrin. He deserves that chagrin. Team Asperger's and Gary and Mallory run back to their cars.

Kent and Vyxsin have caught up with Luke and Margie at the shrine, and actually get the clue in sixth place. Mike and Mel are in seventh place, and Luke and Margie are now in eighth. Kent, Mike, and Luke will be doing this one. Unlike the other partners, Margie follows Luke into the dojo, but just long enough to tell him to watch the mouths of the demo people for any shouting he might have to do. Getting fitted into his kimono, Kent says, "This outfit feels wonderful. Judging from the skirt and yellow, I think it's promising." Kent is the polar opposite of those insecure guys who are always going on about how straight they are.

Flight Time hits his target, so he's done. Jet and Cord at last find the shrine. As they run up to see the small crowd or re-racers outside, Jet remarks, "Holy cow, everybody's here but us." That almost makes sense. Cord's doing this one. Inside, Ron has finally advanced to the shooting, and despite shooting between his fingers, he hits the target and is finally done, having dropped only three spots in the rankings by being lame.

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