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Finally, Amber reappears on her cart, and Rob smiles and says, "Ride that camel." Sanjay comes over and gives Rob a nice low-five at the sight of Amber, so I think they're actually getting along fine. "That's my baby," Rob says, but as Amber approaches the finish line, her camel stops dead, a, cart-lengths short of the finish. As it starts to wander, Alex cackles a stupid-sounding "nyeh-nyeh-nyeh" laugh, and Gretchen firmly says, "Good, it's going the other direction." What I like is that it looks fairly clear that the camel will pull it together eventually, and Rob is actually being relatively patient and even mildly amused as he stands and waits for things to come to a conclusion here. I would really, really love to have heard what Alex and Lynn would have said about Rob standing around laughing as Meredith and Gretchen tried to finish a task. You know that would have been dumped into the vault of "horrible, horrible people," "spawn of Satan," and so forth. You know it would. At any rate, Amber finishes up at last and hops out. "You did great," Rob tells her. "You did great." They reconnect with Sanjay and get on the move. Meredith and Lynn come around next to finish their first lap. "Noooo! The other way! Ay yi yi!" Gretchen hollers as their camel doesn't do as instructed. Yeah. Meet your camel karma, lady. "We got an obstinate camel!" she hollers. Bad elephant, obstinate camel...way to blame the wildlife.

Uchenna and Joyce head for the pit stop, as do Ron and Kelly and Rob and Amber. Lynn and Meredith, meanwhile, work on finishing the second lap of the course. "Talk nice to the camel," Gretchen loudly orders. Sigh. Lynn finishes first, and they get their clue and go. They ask their driver if he knows where they're going, and he says he does. They order him to hurry, as they have been ordering people, elephants, and camels to do all day.

Pit stop teams are on their way. Meredith gets his clue, and he doesn't see Gretchen, so he just yells, "Gretchen, come on!" She approaches, muttering, "All right, quit shoutin' at me. For God's sakes, we've never acted like this with each other." Oh, man. Except for the way she yells all the time. Talk about your "ay yi yi." They read the clue and run for their taxi.

Lynn and Alex are arriving at the purported pit stop location. Alex says that they're both hunting for a flag, but they're not seeing one. Hmm. Curious. They get out and run. "Honey, I don't think it's this way," Lynn says. "Come on," Alex says. "Let's run!" "Run the wrong way?" Lynn asks in disbelief. "Run any way, just run!" Alex says. Hmm. Curious. Not sure that's a winning strategy, there. They reach a sort of overlook, and Alex hops up on a wall to look around. He sees nothing. Hmm. Curious. Nyeh-nyeh-nyeh!

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