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When we return, Lynn is asking the relevant question: "Is this the right castle?" They find a guy who puts them on the trail of the right place, because it turns out that this is...the wrong place. Whoops. "We were at the wrong palace," Alex complains when they are back in their cab and Lynn is resting his enormous head on Alex's shoulder.

Uchenna and Joyce are approaching the pit stop, still. They smooch. "I need a hat," she grins. "You look beautiful," he says. "You look beautiful. You look beautiful." Easy for him to say, given that...she does. Uchenna and Joyce! Ron and Kelly! Rob and Amber! Suspense! Everyone wants to be first! And in their cab, Lynn and Alex discuss the fact that they've bitten their nails down to the point where they have nothing left to bite. "I'm going to have to start on my toenails," Lynn says. And...yuck. Just...yuck. In the Meredith and Gretchen cab, she has all the blame for the day laid out. "We had a slow elephant, slow tuk-tuk, and a slow camel," she says.

Ron and Kelly are dismayed when their tuk-tuk has to pull into the gas station. As they wait, Rob and Amber approach, and the teams see each other. It's pretty much neck-and-neck as they leave the gas station.

Pit stop. Uchenna and Joyce hope out of their taxi, and indeed, they are soon landing on the mat in front of Phil. Thank goodness. I totally wanted the victory for them. Welcome, Uchenna and Joyce, you are team number one. Yay! Team number one! Uchenna tells her she "made the ultimate sacrifice," which...not quite. And there seems to be no trip, as the trips are mostly alternating legs now, apparently. But still, yay! Uchenna asks Joyce if she wants to show her lovely head to Phil, and she declines. Twice. Heh. Phil asks her how she's feeling, and Joyce says that it was "really hard," but she again calls it "just hair." Uchenna again praises her for being so "determined."

And now, the tuk-tuk race to the mat for...well, what's going to be second and third place. Rob and Amber and Ron and Kelly pull into the pit stop at about the same time, but don't immediately see the mat. The teams look over a wall and apparently see it, and Ron and Kelly run down the wall to reach the break in the wall that you can walk through, while Rob thinks it's faster to just climb over. So he calls out to Amber and then hops over the wall. Amber climbs over, and he lifts her down, and they scramble down the hill. But they've gotten a bit behind Ron and Kelly, and while Rob tries to step around Ron at the mat (heh), Ron and Kelly are about a half-second ahead as the teams pretty much collide at the mat. There are hugs and high-fives. Phil welcomes them as teams two and three. He then points out that there was a lot of scrambling for the finish, and Ron writes it off to "the competitive nature," and that they all fight really hard. Which is true, and kind of cool. Despite the fact that it's a little goofy, going for second and third.

Lynn tells us that he wants to get to the pit stop as quickly as possible, because the leg has been so damn long. Well, you do deserve a nice, long rest. Let's see if we can get you one! Elsewhere, Meredith says he and Gretchen are worried about being last, because they don't want to be knocked out. Lynn says he thinks they're still ahead of Meredith and Gretchen. Both teams approach the pit stop in their cabs. Mat! Phil! Tuk-tuk approaching! Phil again! The mat again! And now, coming into view, it' God, it's Gretchen and Meredith. No, it is, I swear. They walk up to the mat. Welcome, Gretchen and Meredith. You are team number four. Meredith's mouth drops open, and Gretchen puts a hand to her forehead and says, "Oh, my God." She points out that it felt like they were "running behind everybody's dust," and Meredith grins that apparently, one team's dust wasn't ahead of them after all. Phil tells them that they are "the oldest team to ever have made it this far in The Amazing Race, and that, you should be very proud of." "Oh, we are, we are," Gretchen says. They hug. It's hard not to admire the accomplishment, but they have also gotten lucky a lot. A lot.

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