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Here come Lynn and Alex. Lynn immediately tells Phil how they went to the other palace first. Because Phil totally cares. Lynn and Alex, you're the last team to arrive. And you. Are. Out. Whew! Again, they're wearing a bunch of layers in hopes of a non-elimination, so they start stripping them off. They tell us how much they've loved the whole thing. In an interview, a tearful Lynn insists that they've just received incredible "joy" from everyone. It's very endearing, because the show does them the enormous favor of not showing the part of their exit interview, available at, where they bitched some more about Rob and Amber at the mat, including additional use of the oh-so-classy moniker "Amberexia." I certainly hope I never, ever hear this team bitch ever again about favoritism toward anyone, because I have never seen anyone as lucky as they are to be spared the full effect of having their own words made public. They made out like bandits, in terms of the way they were made to appear. Furthermore, it's great to weep in a post-game interview and talk about how much you loved meeting people all around the world; it's better not to shout at people that they tried to rip you off just because you fucked up and didn't complete a task carefully, you know? The ugliness of this season, as far as I'm concerned, came from these people, and specifically from Lynn, far more than anyone else. If he had shut his yap and played the game without the endless, melodramatic, hypocritical bitching, the whole thing would have been a hell of a lot more pleasant. No amount of revisionist history regarding how much they loved all the locals is really going to much make up for that, to me.

Anyway, they love each other, and that's clearly sincere, and that's nice, anyway.

Executive Producer? Jerry Bruckheimer.

Next week, the following conversation is almost surely something I invented in my head, because it basically could not have happened: "Your patterns in life show that you don't make commitments." "You're right, I was only...committed to the military..." "And you got out of that one." "How did I get out of that one?" "By being a POW." I'm almost sure I imagined that. ["Free Ron!" -- Sars]

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