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Lynn and Alex are next. There is a lot of "Oh, no" and "Oh, God" when they learn that there is no pit stop, as they have already informed us that they were dead on their feet. They run out and go. "Alex and I are freaking out that this leg is not over, because it's been going on for days and days," Lynn complains. Not that it takes anything in particular for them to freak out. Maybe they'll get a nice, long break soon. They seem to want one. What? I am being nice.

Meredith and Gretchen are still finishing up the Tea-tour and delivering the last cup. They finish, and they return the cart to the tea guy, who gives them the "get to Phil" clue. They look for a taxi.

"Come on, sweetie," Rob says as he boosts Amber up over a barricade as they head for the train station. Rob is firmly of the opinion that planned pedestrian walkways are for sissies. Ron and Kelly follow, as do Uchenna and Joyce and Lynn and Alex. Meredith and Gretchen, meanwhile, ride a rickshaw, and Gretchen talks about how "inspirational" she finds the people of India. Spotting two men in a rickshaw ahead of them, and seeing one guy put his hand on the other guy's back, Meredith says, "I think these are gay guys in front of us." One more thing they can cross off that Travelers' Bingo card, I suppose. "He was pretty cute, the one that was helping us," Gretchen says. So they're inspirational, and also? Sex-ay! Those are the best kinds of men, really. That's why I travel the country following the town meetings about Social Security.

In the train station, the teams hunt for Platform 2, which is named on their clue. Well, all the teams, that is, except for Meredith and Gretchen, who are still in their rickshaw. There's no hurry, really. They do eventually get to the roof, though, and Phil tells them that it's not over yet. They head for the train station, throwing Phil a little salute. "Give it everything you've got!" Phil calls out to them as they leave. Hey, Phil, no taking sides! Meredith voices over that they were just "so joyful" not to be eliminated at that point. I have to think they're going to serve notice on future teams that you really can do this with a lot less stuff than you think. Gretchen never did get that orange back, I don't think. Or her calculator.

At Platform 2, Rob and Amber discover that it's only about 1:00 in the afternoon, and their train doesn't board until 9:00 in the evening, so obviously, this is the mega-bunch to beat all mega-bunches. As they pass Ron and Kelly, Ron says to Rob, "What's the deal?" and Rob warily says, "You'll figure it out." And Ron and Kelly, interestingly, actually do! And so does everyone else. No one is at all confused, which is how you can tell it's not very complicated information. And then it is time for the sun to set. So indeed, the entire previous leg of the race was utterly irrelevant, and it pretty much was predetermined to be so. Never know exactly how I feel about that, really. On one hand, the teams don't know that, so the drama is still there. But on the other hand, it does make it seem like a lot of hot tea slopped about for no good reason.

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