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As the teams stand around preparing to leave, Lynn conspiratorially tells anyone in the audience who doesn't already know (which is no one) that he and Alex have "a loose alliance" with Uchenna and Joyce and Gretchen and Meredith. Joyce voices over that Ron and Kelly and Rob and Amber have what she's sure will be "a short alliance," given that Rob will ultimately do whatever he can to finish first. Once again, we see the race invaded by its goldurn "race" aspect, which has a funny way of intruding on the "let's travel in a big group and be on TV" aspect that some of the teams prefer to focus on.

The teams board the train, not really knowing where they're going, but waiting for their next clue. In what rather looks to be the middle of the night, some guy comes around with envelopes and wakes the sleeping teams -- all of whom have sleeping compartments, in a marked departure from the tougher conditions of seasons past -- to give them their clue envelopes. They open the clue, and it tells them to hunt for a clue at the Jodhpur train station. Alex adds that they're also going to wind up spending 24 hours on the train.

The teams travel on the train. Lynn and Alex play cards in their private compartment. Because I am telling you, people are wimps now -- wimps! Lynn interviews that the trip has been very difficult, because he doesn't have his "little comforts." Like what? "Eye cream, skin cream, any cream." Oh, please. He needs to talk to Team Guido about the Pocket Universe. At any rate, Lynn tells us that if he had his skin products with him, he'd drink them. Which might be one reason why it isn't entirely a bad thing that he doesn't have them. He says he thinks it's "interesting" to see how long he can make it without those things. I'm not sure it's as interesting as he believes it to be. Not to cast doubt on how utterly fascinating he is, but I'm unsure whether even the killer editing team of this show can make a story arc out of Lynn's expanding pores. Meredith and Gretchen wait in their compartment, as over at Uchenna and Joyce's, she is teasingly wrapping her gauzy green headscarf around him. "This is what I deal with," he deadpans. She assures him that he looks great. Heh. It's a little bit wrong how hot he looks with that gauzy thing wrapped around his head.

Rob and Amber and Ron and Kelly pass some time sitting around, as people do when there's not much going on. Amber reveals the fact that Rob won't go to a scary movie with her. I think Lex probably put him off creepshows forever. Ron voices over that this was their first chance to hang out like friends, and he found Rob "humorous" and Amber "very sweet." Sounds about right. Rob says basically the same thing, saying that they have, with Ron and Kelly, "a real friendship," and Amber says the two teams "have fun racing against each other." Of course, Rob interviews, one more time, just in case you missed it, that "in the end," he's there to win. Got it. There to win. In it to win it. There to get the money. All about the victory. Consider me fully informed.

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