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Rob and Amber and Ron and Kelly head for the farm in their little tuk-tuk things, and Rob and Amber manage to pass, putting them in first place.

Meredith and Gretchen park their elephant at last, and she is helped down from the top of the elephant. Once they're in the cab, she says, "I should have never gotten up in that elephant, I don't think." He tells her it's fine, and she says, "I could have helped push." Well, then, you should have gotten down, sister. She rubs her eyes.

Deora Krishi Farm. Rob and Amber and Ron and Kelly arrive. They get to a clue box that announces the Roadblock. This one involves the Roadblocker getting into a camel cart and driving the camel twice around a marked course. And then they will get their clue from the "camel master." Now, what do you suppose are the odds that "camel master" is an authentic piece of local terminology? It's cool if it is, though. I wonder if you can have that come up on your career aptitude test. ("Well, you should be a police officer, an accountant, or...hmm, this is interesting.") Amber takes the Camelblock for her team, and Kelly for her team. Amber and Kelly get up into their camel carts as their respective boyfriends cheer them on. Rob yells out, "Come on, Amb-ah!", and Ron yells out, "Come!", further supporting my theory that he and Kelly just met five minutes ago. It takes Amber's camel a moment to figure out that he's supposed to go forward rather than backward (stupid language barriers), but ultimately, she and Kelly both get on their way.

Lynn and Alex have Meredith and Gretchen just behind them on the way to the farm.

Kelly finishes her first lap, and Ron is happy to see her come around. Amber, on the other hand, is sort of off in some trees. Hey, come back here! Rob looks for her and doesn't see her coming. "I don't see my girl," he says. "This is not good." Amber works her way out of the trees, and then Kelly stalls out as her camel just kind of...stops for a while. The camels, they do have an independent streak.

Lynn and Alex arrive at the farm, and they spend a moment arguing with their cab driver over the fare, allowing Meredith and Gretchen to basically pull into a tie with them. Lynn takes the Camelblock, as does Meredith. Both guys take off.

Uchenna and Joyce are at a larger temple at last. Now, it looks like we're getting somewhere. They head in, and they go up to a low table where two guys are sitting on the ground. And on the table, they spot...some scissors. "Uh-oh," Uchenna is the first to say. They lean down and read the clue, which says, "To win the Fast Forward, each of you must have your head shaved." "I knew that was coming," Joyce says, and you can kind of tell she did. "I frickin' knew it." She literally rolls up her sleeves as she whips off her bandanna. "Okay, fine," she says. "Honey? Honey?" he says. "What?" she says. "Wait a minute, wait a minute. Do you want to shave your head?" "Let's go!" she hollers, raising her voice for just about the first time on the entire race.

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