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Out in Africa

Team Adventure has arrived outside, and Laurence decides he's ready to "put up a bale." Andy and Tommy arrive in fifth, and Tommy takes it without any rock-paper-scissors needed. Laurence has begun the task, and Zac supportively tells us, "He's owning the jumpsuit and doing well." Which is pretty generous, because Laurence hasn't even buttoned his jumpsuit, let alone owned it, so he's got part of his shirt or the jumpsuit's liner hanging out in front like a symbol of the hernia he's risking. He has trouble with that same corner, too. Also in trouble are Amani and Marcus, who are still on the road and have somehow gotten stuck behind a long line of traffic that the other teams avoided. They wonder if they've stumbled into a parade, and indeed the driver tells them that it's an engagement procession. Bill and Cathi are behind them, hoping to make up the time later, because what else are they going to do? Tommy's at work moving bales, and after one collision with a worker, Andy calls it "bumper cars." Good thing those bales are tough, I'd hate to see one split open. Oh, wait, no, I mean the opposite of that. Tommy drops off his first bale, followed by Laurence.

Back in the procession, the grandparents and Team NFL are still stuck and frustrated, as Cathi tells us they were seated at the back of the plane. "This is not good," Marcus says. How did they get stuck at the back of the plane when they got to the airport first? Rookie mistake, that. Luckily for them, traffic starts moving again after the ads. "We're back on the road," Bill says in the cab behind them. "It's better than being on a plane." After a whole day of flying, lying on the center line would be better than being on a plane.

Up ahead, the other teams are plowing through the Roadblock; Tommy's up to five bales. Laurence interviews that it was really hard, and he had to pace himself, what with being an old. He's up to three. Cindy waxes eloquent about the energy and happiness in Malawi, because she's on the sidelines and can afford to take notice of the dancing and singing warehouse workers. Andy says this is his first time in a tobacco warehouse, but with all the singing and dancing, "I'll come hang out any time. You gotta dance, you're in Africa." Also, dancing is anti-carcinogenic.

Amani and Marcus arrive at the warehouse and get out of their cab, but see no clues. Meanwhile, Bill and Cathi are also there, but they've actually gone to the correct gate, so they've effectively passed Team NFL. Bill will be taking this one. "There's no way I'm gonna make up time," Cathi explains. I hope she enjoys doing all the Roadblocks in the second half of the race, then. Bill gets right to work, and interviews that he spent a couple of years behind hand trucks. I hope he took breaks. "When it's time to cut the hay, it's time to cut the hay," he explains. How true that is. He quickly gets his first bale done.

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