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Out in Africa

Market. Most racers are sewing furiously, except for Ernie, who cracks that Cindy usually holds the pants in their relationship. "When she's leading the show it seems like everything's working a little bit more efficiently," he adds, rather nicely and entirely correctly. Cathi's machine unthreads itself, and Bill calls out, "Technician?" Cindy and Ernie are actually the first to finish this task, and their guy tries on his gray suit and hands them their clue, so they're off to the furniture shop. "Let's just hope that the other Detour task was tougher," Cindy says in the cab. And that people's cab drivers got lost getting them there, don't forget.

Team Pre-Owned and the Siblings are racing to R-K Furniture, but Justin and Jennifer get there seconds ahead, chiefly by getting dropped off on the right side of the street while Jeremy and Sandy have to cross the busy road. They open the clue, and it reads, "Take two beds to Phil at the next Pit Stop." I'm sure some of the racers would prefer to just take one, if you know what I mean, but what can you do? Over lots of footage of Malawians carrying large items on their heads, Phil says it's common practice there "for its people to carry virtually everything." So now it's up to the teams to transport (in a truck) and carry (by hand) two beds to Kumbali Village. Over a shot of this picturesque setting in an "isolated forest reserve," including a long, long path running through the bush, Phil says this is the next Pit Stop, and the racers will find out they'll be sleeping in their beds there overnight. Oh, and "the last team to check in here may be eliminated." Anything is possible, I suppose. The clue goes on to suggest that racers ask the shop owner to call a driver for them. Jeremy and Justin do that, and both teams start grabbing beds while the snowboarders show up in third place.

Back at the school, Laurence says he and Zac worked well together knocking the trucks out, but he would have liked to spend more time with the kids. "Love those kids," we hear him say, immediately before he all but pries their fifth-place clue from one small child's helpless hands.

"Here, put it on, let me see how handsome," Cathi says to her customer, like a skilled salesperson. "I can't lie to the brother when he puts it on, though," Amani warns us. But Cathi's customer seems satisfied, even though he looks like a photo negative of David Byrne in Stop Making Sense, so they're headed to the furniture shop in sixth place. "We are still moving," Cathi assures us.

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