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Meanwhile, Gary and Dave finally find the right shrine. When the car takes a long time to light, Dave says, "Those Germans make some good cars." Okay, small "heh." As it burns, they get their next clue, which sends them to a temple at Ratchaburi -- they have to take a bus. They get into a tuk-tuk headed for the bus station. (The tuk-tuks, for those of you not in the know, are the little things that are like a motorcycle with a trailer and a canopy.)

Boston and Taraweasel de-boat at the bird market. They abruptly evict a collection of reluctant sparrows from their cages and grab the Ratchaburi clue.

Elsewhere, Cha-Cha-Fern take their car to the right shrine on the first try (thanks, Fern!). Oswald, incidentally, is wearing an adorable shirt that says, "For Good Luck, Rub My Tummy." Hee. ["Niki's boyfriend makes those, in point of fact; check 'em out here." -- Sars] He explains that whatever religion you are, you have to be respectful of everyone, BLAKE. And that whatever you put out in the universe comes back to you, BLAKE. (Yeah, I added the "Blake" parts.) Fern agrees to take Danny and Oswald to the bus station.

Taraweasel and Boston are trying to get transportation to the bus station, but they get separated (no pun intended). Boston takes a tuk-tuk, after Wil pronounces that they don't "hustle" and scurries off in a taxi with Tara. Oh, the irony!

Mary and the Fruit buy their birds and grab their clue, and they're off.

The Teeth are being shown to the right shrine at long last. Interestingly, this time when they kneel at the altar, Blake just asks God to help them not be eliminated from the Race. Yeah, right. When he was near the front of the pack, he had time to pray for the conversion of the Buddhists, but now he's in a hurry, so he kneels in front of Buddha and asks not to be eliminated? You are on my list, Blake.

Jeebus is still looking for the water taxi. Yikes!

Commercials. Sears: The Official Supplier Of Your Wretched, Empty, Humdrum Existence.

Leading are Gary and Dave and Taraweasel. In the middle are Boston and Mary/Fruit. Bringing up the rear are Cha-Cha-Cha, the Teeth, and Jeebus. Wil harasses his cab driver, who looks like he doesn't like Wil too much (who does?). Meanwhile, the tuk-tuk turns out to be the way to go, because it doesn't have to sit in traffic. The cars are sitting there eating bus exhaust, and Boston's tuk-tuk just putters, "See ya!" and is gone in a second. Gary and Dave do well, too, and they wind up alone on the first bus to Ratchaburi. Chris calls the tuk-tuk decision "the decision that turned it around."

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