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"It's really wonderful that Fern came with us," Danny explains in the Cha-Cha-Cha cab, "because Fern speaks the language and has been able to communicate with everyone." "Fern is fabulous. Love her," Oswald says plainly as he looks at his guidebook, and Fern smiles. Sigh. I want to be fabulous, too. Let's all be fabulous! Danny and Oswald now deliriously repeat her name -- "Ferrrn." She teaches them to say "thank you," and they do. They all laugh. You know, people have debated this week whether Fern really saved Cha-Cha-Cha a lot of time, and I don't know if she did or not. I suspect she was a very good hedge against a disaster like Jeebus encountered, and I suspect she may indeed have been a big help. But honestly, even if she wasn't, there's something to be said for the following: Who do you think had the best time today? Who do you think probably learned the most about Bangkok? I bet it was Danny and Oswald. In other words, most of these people aren't going to win a million bucks, and what they're going to take with them is the memory of a really great trip, so as long as it doesn't work to their disadvantage in terms of the race, I think Danny and Oswald's adopt-a-local strategy is just more fun than what everybody else is doing. By all means, race your behind off, but all other things being equal? Enjoying yourself isn't a bad idea either.

Jeebus finally, finally, finally finds the bird market. To their credit, they keep plugging along, headed for the bus station and the Ratchaburi bus. Quick shots of all the other teams on their various buses, and then back to Cyndi and Russell, as she talks about how he always insists on carrying her backpack. Aw. "He's been my rock," she says. Especially around the arms, I think, because Russell has biceps like hams.

Gary and Dave and Boston, despite having been on different buses, run into each other while disembarking. Both teams get into tuk-tuks and head for the temple that's specified in the clue. And now, The Great Tuk-Tuk Horseplay Of 2002. A little ways behind Boston, Dave leans out and yells, "You guys! The rivalry begins!" Heh. Eventually, they wind up driving along next to each other. "Get! Away! From our taxi!" Gary yells. Dave leans out and tries to kick Boston, and Chris reaches out to try to grab Dave's feet. It's very funny, and it's very bunch-of-guys-on-a-trip, and they're all laughing. "That kid's on the crack pipe, man," Chris says when they've pulled ahead again, over a shot of Dave making quite an impressive "damn you, you dirty bastard" face and shaking his fist. They wind up parked together at a red light (or the Thailand equivalent). "Boston sucks!" Gary yells. "NYC!" Dave follows. "Shut up, Yankees suck!" yells Chris (and I am so in agreement with that that I could almost forgive everything else Chris has ever said, because certainly, now and forever, the Yankees suck ["count the World Championships, missy" -- Sars]). Before you know it, Chris and Alex's tuk-tuk coughs, wheezes, and breaks down. Gary and Dave speed by, and Gary gives a little salute. I loved that scene, and it's by far the most I've ever liked either of these teams.

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