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I'll tell you what else is interesting here, and that's who's playing both sides of the fence. Not only do we get shots of Paige eating with Alex, but we also get a nice shot of Blake, Paige, Chris, Alex, and Dave all hanging out. I'd say that both Boston and Dave have their feet firmly planted in about six places at once, and that's not easy to manage. I myself believe that Dave is secretly the king of this sort of thing, but without proof, I'm hesitant to do anything except speculate wildly without justification.

Seven teams, no idea what's in store, yellow-and-red McFlags, route markers, Exposition Hands.

7:47 AM. Cha-Cha-Cha. The clue says that once again, a spoon-fed car and driver are waiting (sigh) and that they should tell the driver to take them to the airport. Once there, they'll fly to Bangkok, Thailand. As Phil explains the clue in detail, the drunken cameramen show the way. Danny and Oswald get in their car, and Oswald voices over (in a heavily edited snippet) that the last time he was in Thailand, he "was picked up by a Rolls-Royce." I have a feeling that this time, he won't be.

10:34 AM. Taraweasel. They're happy and excited about Bangkok, which they call their "second home" because they go there frequently on business for their furniture store (Twin Beds Separated By At Least Three Feet 'R' Us). Tara and the Weasel think they will therefore have the home court advantage, which is apparently because they've learned nothing from previous episodes, in which we were introduced to the cruelties of the lesser-known but equally potent home court kiss of death.

At this point, we learn that Gary and Dave and Chris and Alex have been hit with matching forty-two-minute time penalties for driving the speed limit in the desert last week, rather than twenty kilometers per hour under the speed limit "for added safety," as they were told. The speed limit sign shown along here says "120," and Phil says that the speeding was for "a one-hour period," so I'm not sure how they got to a forty-two-minute time penalty rather than a twelve-minute one, which is what it would seem like it should be. Maybe it's twelve for the time difference and thirty for being naughty. (Yes, I did the math. It's not for nothing that I attended a national math competition in eighth grade, at the congratulatory banquet for which I accidentally dumped my entire dinner in my lap. That's a different story, though. And I don't warranty the accuracy of my math.) Anyway, putting aside the whole "heh -- sorry, Wil, I guess they were cheaters and speeders" issue, here's my other question: Xerox missed the detour, and that's why they got booted. They then implied in an interview after the race that Boston made the detour by a fairly slim margin. If Boston made the detour by less than forty-two minutes...see where I'm going with this? Sigh. Nothing to be done about it now.

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