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10:45 AM. Gary and Dave. On the topic of Bangkok, they say "woo hoo." Literally. In their car, Gary says, "My parents always took me to Thai restaurants, Chinese restaurants, sushi...I know the culture." (THUNK.) Wow, it's hard to understand how he went wrong after starting with that truly brilliant nugget of humor about how all Asian countries and cultures are alike. Because that is hilarious.

11:34 AM. Mary and the Fruit, together on the mat with the Teeth. Paige is bringing us another of her eye-catching getups, this time a pair of black baggy pants and a sports bra modeled on the Texas flag. (Insert your own "everything's bigger in Texas" joke here.) Blake gallants that the Teeth are going to let Mary and the Fruit open the clue first, in return for doing "the wrong thing" yesterday at the finish line. You can just call this development Blake Starts To See The Writing On The Wall. Remember last week's discussion about how, strategically speaking, you should try to keep the hating of you among the other teams from getting too out of control, even if you did nothing wrong? Yeah, Blake's thinking about it too. Anyway, Mary and Peach read the clue and leave. Once inside a cab, Mary says, "It was nice of Blake and Paige to let us read first today." And then, sarcastically, "You know, welcome to the world of being human." Ouch. I can't help wondering if there's something going on here that we're not seeing, or whether there's a huge case of groupthink going on, because I can't account for the strong negative feelings some of these other teams have about Blake in particular. It's a little weird.

In the Teeth car, Blake says that he's going to win over the ticket agents at the airport by giving them his rhino -- eww, no, literally. Blake: King of Pointless Bribery. If I followed the bargaining scene last week accurately, it sounded like the price of the rhino Tara ended up with was given to her in rand, and was quoted at twenty, which she bargained down to ten. Pretty as it is, it's essentially a knickknack, and the ticket agents aren't exactly going to kick people off of existing flights for him. Note, incidentally, the difference between this move and Drew's famous gifting of Rose's necklace to the ticket agent in Tunisia -- he gave her the necklace after he already had what he wanted, just to say thank you. Blake, on the other hand, is doing it as a really, really lame attempt at buttering somebody up. It's a subtle but crucial distinction in how many points you get from me.

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