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11:44 AM. Jeebus. Cyndi says that what's keeping her going is her love for Jesus. She also likes Russell, of course.

Airport Bunching. Tara and Wil get a flight to Johannesburg, connecting to Bangkok. Speaking presumably of the flights, or possibly of Bangkok, he tries to put on his heavy-lidded Look of Looove and says, "It's beautiful, just like you sometimes." Excuse me, did he say "sometimes"? Way to kill the mood, Weasel. She should totally have come back at him with something like, "And my darling, I love you dearly when you're not a passive-aggressive, preening prick." She doesn't do this, of course, much to my great disappointment. She does snort and tell him to shut up. Hey, I do that every week! Unfortunately, it's not working yet for either of us. He voices over that he doesn't know what's going to happen in their relationship in the future. I can't tell you for sure, Wil, but I have a vision of attorneys dividing up closets full of retro-hippie clothes and Grateful Dead records.

12:59 PM. Boston. They've seen this show before (as if we didn't know from last week's Drew Tribute), because they know that the long flight is their chance to catch up. "We're back, baby, we're back!" Alex yells into the camera, so closely that I can actually see his gum. He does this because he is, now and forever, that guy. He's so completely that guy that if he weren't getting his TV exposure here, I'd expect to find him on MTV's always-enlightening Spring Break coverage. Chris, in the meantime, just wants to "bring it home to Beantown." Yuck.

In the car, Alex explains that ChaTaGaDa are friends, and that Mary and the Fruit, Jeebus, and the Teeth are friends. And then, all alone like a couple of wallflowers at the prom, there's Boston. On the topic of friendship, I get the ChaTaGaDa thing, but I'm not sure about the friendship between the other three. When was the last time you said, about one of your friends, "Welcome to the world of being human"? It's been weeks since I did that. Furthermore, Alex goes on to say, "We're better friends than the teams in front." Wait a minute, friends with who? With each other? I'm confused. I fear that Alex might be kind of...dumb. Furthermore, he refers to Danny and Oswald as "the two gay guys," and honestly, at this point in the race, you don't need to do that, so quit it, Head and Shoulders (With Nothing In Between).

Gary and Dave and Cha-Cha-Cha work on their flights. Danny kisses the ticket agent.

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