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However, rather brilliantly, the Weavers, Linzes, and Godlewskis all blow right by the dock on the way back -- also through no fault of their own, but apparently due to confusion by their drivers, so the random reshuffling continues as the Paolos are suddenly in first place again, followed by the Bransens and Gaghans, who must not have been very far behind to begin with. The Godlewskis, Weavers, and Linzes are in the back of the pack as a result of their drivers missing the dock. So the order as the teams return to land, almost halfway through the episode, is Paolos, Bransens, Gaghans, Godlewskis, Linzes, Weavers. I challenge you to find anything about anything that any team has done in this episode that has had any lasting impact on where the teams are in relation to each other. As near as I can tell, in lieu of running the first half of this leg, they could have pulled numbers out of a hat. I mean, go the airport in order, get on prearranged flights, bunch up at the beginning of the boat ride with the assigned drivers, get driven to an island, walk a path to a guy in a hammock, get back on a boat, get driven back to land. If you had a good boat guy, you're ahead. If you had a bad boat guy, you're behind. Welcome to "racing."

The Paolos get to their Red Devil bus and head for the Fast Forward. The Gaghans actually get to their bus next, so now you have the first-place and second-place teams racing for the FF, which doesn't look quite as weird as when it was the second-place and last-place teams. Which it was, like, two minutes ago. The Bransens are next, heading for the birds. The Linzes and Godlewskis agree that they're doing the instruments, and that they can work together to make it easier, since they believe other teams will do the birds. Unsurprisingly, they also bond a little bit over their dislike of the Weavers, with a Linz once again bringing up the issue of Mama telling their boat driver to slow down. I'm not sure how Mama Weaver got in the middle of all this controversy, but she certainly is widely disliked. These teams pile onto their buses. The Weavers get on what Rolly calls their "pimp bus." It doesn't take a lot of paint for a fourteen-year-old to conclude that a bus is "pimp," that's for sure.

On the Paolo bus, some comment about how this is better than garbage collection leads to an interview with least sucky team member Brian, who says he's proud of his father being a garbage man, because Papa "has been a hard worker all of his life." Perhaps he's what his parents got when they redeemed their coupon for the one appreciative child to which every family is entitled. In the Gaghan bus, meanwhile, Carissa and Billy agree that this bus is pretty cool -- much better, Billy notes, than his school bus -- and then Carissa and her dad exchange high-fives over the impending bungee jump. The Bransens, meanwhile, pick up a woman who says she can come with them and, it would appear, show them the park where the birds are. Mama Weaver also finds a guy she can follow, although she -- at least as it's shown to us -- refrains from asking him if he knows the Lord or threatening him with the prospect of spending eternity with her. The pinks, meanwhile, hire a taxi to lead their bus to Casco Viejo, which the Linzes happily note, because it means they can follow as well.

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