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A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Whatever

As the Paolos approach the bungee jump, DJ says that his one fear was heights. This is the beginning of the effort to try to make you wonder whether the Paolos are going to go through with the jump, because otherwise, unlike actually bungee jumping, watching bungee jumping is actually pretty damn boring, especially if you've watched enough reality television to have seen this a lot already. The Paolos pull up to the crane, with the Gaghans behind. The Gaghans hop out of their bus, thinking they can beat the Paolos to the crane on foot, but as they run for it, Tammy slips in the mud and cracks her head on the back of the Paolos' taxi. Youch. Perhaps with the help of that fall and perhaps not, the Paolos reach the FF clue before the Gaghans, and indeed, it's a one-team-at-a-time situation. Didn't have to be, of course. They could have had two bungees set up so that you could actually pay a price for being pokey getting up there, or for hesitating too long, but that would be too challenging and exciting, I suppose. It might even be suspenseful, and we certainly don't want that to happen. The Gaghans should probably turn tail and run at this point, but they don't, deciding instead to hang around and see if the Paolos go through with the jump.

The Paolos get to the top, and the Gaghans follow them up and watch from another part of the crane, hardhats gleaming. Papa and Brian do the jump with little difficulty. When DJ and Mama are strapped together, he goes back to whining about how much he doesn't want to do it, but...come on. We know he's going to do it. You've seen this show.

Commercials. I do not appreciate Phil getting involved in ads for my local news team.

Let's just cut to the chase. DJ and Mama jump, just like you knew they were going to. So the Gaghans are SOL and have to go back and do the Detour. When the Gaghans are gone, the Paolos get their clue to the pit stop, which Phil explains is at the Miraflores Locks, the Pacific entrance to the canal. They leave.

In my favorite moment of the episode, probably, Wally and the Tonyas discover that the Fern they picked up to take them to the birds actually has no idea where the birds are -- she just directed the bus to take her to work. Hey, how is she supposed to know? It's a free bus as far as she knows. Oh, language barriers. Such wacky fun. Because of that little debacle, the Weavers are the first to arrive at Parque Natural Metropolitano. The Weavers look around until they find a bird. They circle him on their laminated sheet. They circle another one. And then another one, and another one, and another one. They turn in their sheet, but they're told that they don't have it right. Perhaps they didn't pray properly over the toucan.

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