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The Bransens arrive at the bird park. They start circling birds. It's particularly easy, because the birds are in the same position on the sheet as they are in the tree -- facing the same direction and so forth. So...not too difficult, this task. Which brings us to the most embarrassing moment I had this week, which I can only chalk up to the fact that I've been sick since approximately the Revolutionary War and haven't been sleeping very well. Somewhere around this time, I said to M. Giant and Trash, "Well, I don't know where they got these birds, but they're domesticated or something, because normal birds don't stand still like this so you can identify them." Yes. Yes, that's right, I missed the part where they said "wooden replicas" in the clue. So Trash is like, "Um...they're not real birds, you know. They're made of wood." If I've ever suffered more abject humiliation while watching television than I did in that moment, I certainly don't remember it. I'm telling you, they say "birds," you get these little glimpses through the binoculars...SHUT UP. It could have happened to anyone.

Elsewhere, the Godlewskis and Linzes arrive at the beginning of the Rhythm Detour, and they work together in starting to collect the instruments.

Paolos arrive at the Miraflores pit stop. They run up to the mat, where Phil and a hardhat-wearing greeter (?) await their arrival. Phil announces that they are team number one, and there is lots of hugging and yelling. And they've won a trip to Panama. I'm sure Panama will be thrilled to have them back. DJ offers an interview in which he says the bungee jump with his mother was "kinda special" because of how they always argue, but…it would be nice if he didn't need a special occasion not to treat his mother like crap. I still don't like him.

The Weavers redo their sheet, and this time, they have it right, so they're done with the Detour. The next clue tells them to take their bus (why make anyone drive anywhere or take public transportation, right?) to a baseball stadium and find a clue there. They take off. The Bransens finish their sheet and get it right, so they leave next.

The Linzes and Godlewskis continue working, collecting all their instruments as one big group. The Gaghans start the Detour -- with Carissa hopping off the bus, of course -- at last. Elsewhere, a Gadzookski promises the Linz boys that Tricia will make out with one of them. They certainly have figured out how to use incentives to motivate behavior. These teams drop their instruments off at the jazz club. They receive the clue sending them to the baseball stadium. The Gaghans pick up their last instrument and, presumably, they head to the jazz club.

The Weavers get to the stadium and find the clue box, which is for a Roadblock. As Phil explains, here at the baseball stadium, they'll have to -- no kidding! -- play baseball. Specifically, they have to get what he terms a "base hit" or a "home run" off a Little League pitcher. Once there are multiple teams there, each person gets three pitches to get a hit before being sent to the back of the line. Rolly is drafted by the Weavers, so he steps up to the plate. Rolly -- initially batting lefty -- starts out with a swing and a miss. Wally and the Tonyas are right behind. The oldest Tonya, I believe, takes the Roadblock. That would make her...Beth. Right. Lindsay and Lauren are the ones I totally cannot tell apart. I'm sorry! All you Tonyas look alike to me.

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