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1:39 AM. Godlewskis. Sharon really isn't winning me over with the shirt that says "Sweet [glittery heart]." Shopping in the juniors section is not for amateurs. Christine interviews that she has to work really hard to get her sisters to listen to her. She admits to being bossy, but also insists that her ideas are, after all, the best. I have to think maybe if she cried at random somewhat less often, they might take her more seriously. She may need a different form of emotional release, like air hockey or community theater. Something that doesn't make people think you're a goofball. They get themselves a cab.

1:52 AM. Mama Weaver is, unsurprisingly, the only one to pronounce the word "Panama" as if she's never heard it before. I also suspect that she's the only one not happy to be leaving the country. She probably would have preferred to stay in New Orleans, touring the Great Lakes and whatnot. Rebecca is in charge of explaining race strategy this week as the Weavers leave the mat, and she interviews with a scrunchy face that alliances are "stupid." Which they sort of are, but I don't think she actually understands why that is; she's just making faces and talking about not liking other people because it's sort of her way. I always think it's a bummer when a team embraces outcast status as their way of bonding, and that looks to be what this team has done. Not that other teams -- the now-departed Schroeders, in particular -- haven't contributed to that, but it's just too bad when this becomes a team's version of competitive spirit. "We don't like those dummies anyway."

1:54 AM. Gaghans. Bill explains what the sharp-eyed already know -- that their strategy is always to simply get ahead of one team. Which...I mean, in the long run, you eventually run out of ways to make that strategy work for you, but it's pretty sound along about these middle legs, particularly when the race is as powerfully dominated by luck as this one is. "Better to be second to last than eliminated," Carissa declares. Good point, shorty. They get a cab and decide to head for Continental first.

At the airport, the trailing teams start to appear, and the Gadzookskis and Weavers line up behind the three teams who already are there. Counting the crew, six teams means getting 36 people on a plane, so...not too likely all six will be getting on. Meanwhile, in the Gaghan car, Billy explains that he's very happy about going to Panama. "I'm excited, finally, that we're getting out of the U.S.," Carissa adds. I like how Tammy is looking back at Bill and grinning while Carissa explains this with great exasperation. It was pointed out on the boards this week that you can tell something about Carissa from her love of leaping out of buses and taxis, and it's an excellent point. I'm not sure she's ever been seen walking down a set of steps. She gets started this week at the airport, bounding down to earth on what has to be limited sleep as her family goes inside to find the other five teams all lined up at Continental where, among other things, the Linzes are playing cards with the Paolo brothers. I'm amazed, by the way, how well the little kids are holding up, given how severely their routines have been interrupted for a couple of weeks now. Unless a huge amount of brat footage is being carefully snipped from practically every scene, they're being really well behaved.

When the ticket counter finally opens, the Linzes get their tickets to Panama. Michelle Godlewski mutters to her sisters that she's not optimistic about getting on. Mama Gaghan, meanwhile, explains the same thing to Carissa, that they'll need to run for the American counter as soon as Continental runs out of tickets. The Bransens get a set of tickets on Continental. Mama Paolo and DJ bicker in line about who's going to take care of getting the family's tickets. He, of course, continues to believe that he's the only personal capable of doing anything right, and he brags about not being "retarded." One certainly would not entrust anything important to one's mother, I guess. The Gadzookskis, half-teasing and half-not, ask the Paolos please to take their bitch session elsewhere.

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