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The Weavers find Ricardo and go for the birds. Finally, the Gaghans pull up to the dock in very much last place. Wally and the Tonyas get the clue from Ricardo and choose the birds. The Linzes get the Detour clue and are the first team to go for the musical instruments. When the Gaghans get the clue from Ricardo, they decide to go for the Fast Forward.

You can basically tell from the way that two teams, in second place and last place, went for the Fast Forward that there wasn't a good way to figure out whether to do it or not. Theoretically, if they know there's only one, then the teams in the front should go for it, because there's no reason not to, except that they ruined that by putting the FF very soon after a big bunch, meaning that if you go for it and you get even slightly edged out, you could wind up badly behind. A team in the back like the Gaghans should assume that obviously, plenty of other teams have already gone for it, but as you can see, that didn't actually happen, and they were up against only the Paolos. The FF here operates as just kind of a crapshoot, much like...well, everything else. Without knowing whether it's a non-elimination leg, without knowing who else might go for it, it isn't clear what a single Fast Forward is adding to the race, since it's by far most likely to benefit a lead team, and why does the lead team need a bigger benefit? It was totally different when it was a safety hatch for teams who fell behind -- that legitimately gave people an opportunity to use it strategically and change their fortunes. This is only going to put somebody farther ahead who would already be ahead. Dumb. I am grumpy.

Of course, the Gaghans also said later in some Insider footage, I believe, that Carissa really, really wanted to bungee jump on the race, so that was also part of their reasoning -- a statement backed up by the way we see her running down the steps calling out, "I want to do Fast Forward!"

The Godlewskis run into a guy who they ask about where to find buses. "This is an island," he tells them patiently. "I don't believe him, Trish!" Christine (I think) gabble-gabbles. Maybe it's a trick! Sharon calmly reminds them all that indeed, the place is surrounded by water, because they got here on a boat. Yeegawds. They finally realize that they need to get back on the boats before they look for buses, so they return to the dock. Paolos, Weavers, and Godlewskis are soon back in their boats, and then the Linzes, who don't love it that Mama Weaver yells out to the Linzes' driver to go slow. Wally and the Tonyas, and then the Gaghans, bring up the rear, getting back onto their boats. On the way back, luck takes over again as the Weavers, Godlewskis, and Linzes pass the Paolos, and the Godlewskis pass the Weavers. You can tell that nothing of consequence happened on the island, given that they were all so close together that their differing boat drivers result in a total rearranging of teams.

Anyway, the Linzes pass the Weavers, putting themselves in second place behind the pinks. Once again, transportation they can't control is king, and nothing really noteworthy happens on the boat ride back, other than one of the Linzes saying of Mama Weaver, "That lady needs to take her crazy pills." And you know where you get crazy pills, don't you? That's right. Waffle House.

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