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Pains, trains, and automobiles

As Tian sets up for the Roadblock, Jaree voices over that she and Tian have been "kicking butt" in the last leg or so, and she's hoping that it will continue. Tian is wearing the clothes I'm most sad about, because she seems to have not only a reasonably nice black shirt on, but also a nice pair of light khaki pants. Bummer. She gets down and tries to hang on to the bar, but as soon as the bulls take off, she pops clean off. This gives BuffJon the next turn, and he seems not to have trouble with it. Before you know it, he's dirty, but he's done. When he's out, Kelly encourages him to hustle up and get his shoes on while she grabs the clue. I have to think they gave these people some kind of an opportunity to at least rinse off, because otherwise, I can't imagine how they got back in the taxis. I don't know how many rules these particular cabbies have, but I'm thinking there has to be one that says, "Please Do Not Drip Manure On The Seats." "That was yucky," BuffJon comments. Kelly reads the clue, and they're off.

On Tian's second try, she never really seems to have hold of the bar in the first place, and one of the guys is still sort of trying to help her adjust her grip when the bulls take off, so she never really goes anywhere on this attempt before the bulls fly off without her. Tian voices over that she had a hard time getting her hands around the bar. One of the guys running the bulls chastises her to "please hold properly," and she assures him that she's doing the best she can. Meanwhile, Millie and Chuck pull up behind them, and see BuffJon and Kelly skittering off in the direction of the next clue. Jaree notes the arrival of another team and tells Tian she needs to get it in gear. Millie and Chuck grab their clue, as Tian voices over that she was starting to wonder whether she was going to be able to do the task at all.

Commercials. If there were no Applebee's, your house would probably burn up in a fire. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?

One of the guys tries to help Tian get her hands firmly around the bar as Jaree continues to cheer her on. "You're a surfer chick!" she yells. "Surfer chicks hang on, man!" Quite tellingly, meanwhile, Millie's reaction to the scene is to say, "Please let it be a is! Okay, it's you." Nice. This is not a democracy. It's a Millie-ocracy.

Tian gets a much better start this time, with her hands up on the high part of the bar and her body up out of the water as they're starting, much as the guys were doing. Once she survives the initial jolt of the bulls starting, which is what threw her the first two times, she's just fine, and she rides out the rest of the task. As she gets up out of the water, she does the check to see if her breasts are still inside her top, logically enough, and when she sees that they are, she makes her way over to where Jaree is waiting. "You rock, surfer chick!" Jaree yells.

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