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Pains, trains, and automobiles

The Chipsters are approaching the field, being promised by folks on the street that it's not far now.

In the cab on the way to the next clue, Tian and Jaree are bantering. "You look sexy as shit right now," Jaree says to a laughing Tian, "with all that mud on you. I swear to God. That's hot, dude, that's totally hot." Hee. I like them. "At least I'm getting a facial," Tian says in her chipper voice. "Yup," Jaree says, then pauses. "Was that just strictly mud? Straight-up mud?" Tian smiles and says through clenched teeth, "Probably not." That was an awesome little scene.

Chuck finishes the Roadblock. Yep, he knows how to hold the stick. Just as they peel out, the Chipsters are arriving. In the cab, Chuck notes that the Chipsters will be going all-out (he actually says "full-fledge,", so in order to win, he and Millie need to do the same, only do it faster without making any mistakes. Well, that's...indisputable reasoning in the sense of being entirely circular, I guess.

At the Roadblock, Reichen takes it for the team because it's his turn, but he is none too happy about it. He finishes quick, but assures us that it was very disgusting. And Reichen does not enjoy disgusting. "After all that, we're fuckin' last," he complains in the taxi as they leave.

Up near the front, Team Who notes that someone is behind them, and it turns out to be the clowns, in whose cab Al is taking the opportunity to change his disgusting shirt. So if you like some hairy shirtless muddy Al, here's where you can pick some up. Kelly and Jon are following, followed by Tian and Jaree, an inhaler-sucking Millie and Chuck, and finally Chip and Reichen.

Team Who runs up to the clue box and pulls the clue, with Al and Jon screaming up right behind them. At this point, it's time for this week's Detour. The choices this week are Baskets and Trunks. In Baskets, the team will load ten live chickens into the baskets on a traditional bicycle-wagon, and then they'll have to drive it themselves to a farm that's been circled on a map. It's a relatively physically demanding task, but they can go as fast as they can pedal, pretty much. In Trunks, you ride an elephant to deliver two bales of fabric to a shop near a church, also circled on the map. It seems to me that the reasonable analysis is that the chickens are probably somewhat faster, but (a) they're much harder; and (b) you don't get to ride an elephant. So part of it is whether you're up for a physically demanding task, and part of it is Salad/Dessert where Jumbo is the cherries jubilee.

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